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In today's trading environments, increased competition and new pre- and post-trade regulatory requirements are driving the need to move and access more data at near-zero latency. InfiniBand has long been the interconnect of choice for investment banks, hedge funds and exchanges looking to stay ahead of the competition. As the fastest standard interconnect technology, InfiniBand continues to lead the pack with higher data rates, lower latencies, more accurate monitoring, and faster access to storage.

In this webinar, you'll see how new advances in InfiniBand can improve performance across the entire trading cycle. Join experts from Mellanox, Correlix & Kove to learn how higher interconnect bandwidths combined with InfiniBand latency monitoring solutions and high speed storage can enable you to optimize your trading environments and achieve record-breaking performance. The session will also feature recent case studies and benchmark results.

Asaf Wachtel, Director, Solutions Marketing,
Mellanox Technologies

Shawn Melamed, President and Founder, Correlix

John Overton, CEO, Kove