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Mellanox Academy Course

Mellanox Ethernet 10XX Series – Network Administrators Course

Catalog part number: MTR-10XX-OST-NA

Course Overview:
This course is designed to familiarize its students with Mellanox 10xx Ethernet switches.

This 2-day course combines the theory of operations with task-orientated hands-on lab exercises that provide a logical approach to Ethernet networks.


Who Should Attend:

What's in it for me?

You’re familiar with Ethernet, but you’re new to Mellanox Ethernet products?

Do you need a quick ramp-up so you feel more confident with Mellanox’s Ethernet switches?
Look no further!

We have designed this class just for you.

It is designed to meet the needs of anyone intends to install, configure, manage, and monitor Ethernet networks with Mellanox’s 10xx series switches.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • InfiniBand Architecture Introduction
  • Describe the main features of 10xx switches
  • List and describe physical components of 10xx switch family
  • Describe switch indication LEDs and field replicable units
  • Configure and test the switch management interface
  • Use the switch MLNX-OS CLI and Web UI
  • Configure switch L1 features
  • Configure switch L2 features (VLAN, Ports, RSTP)
  • Configure L3 features
  • Configure access lists
  • Configure IGMP snooping
  • Explain and implement administration users access permission table
  • Perform file system upgrade and backup procedures

Agenda: Day 1

Course Introduction

10XX Overview

  • Defining New Standards
  • Chassis Components (LED s, FRU s)
  • Chassis Features
  • Port Mapping
  • Mellanox Ethernet Cables

10XX Management Basic Tools

  • File System Commands
  • Operating in Configuration Mode
  • Basic Configuration Using CLI & Web Manager

10XX VLAN Features & Configuration

  • VLAN Overview
  • VLAN Tagging
  • Port Modes (Access, Trunk , Hybrid)
  • Configuring via CLI

10XX Port & Port Group Features & Configuration

  • Introducing Channel Groups / Trunks
  • Port Channel LAG Setup
  • Introducing the Interface Command
  • Breakout Cables
  • Breakout Cable CLI Commands

10XX Best Practices

  • Use CLI and EFM ( Enterprise Fabric Management)  Commands for 10xx Configuration
  • Configure Host/ Switch Name
  • Verify Switch License
  • Configure SNMP Server to Receive Switch Traps
  • Configure SYSLOG Server to Receive Switch Logs
  • Configure Administrator User Accounts and Passwords
  • Configure Switch Network Time Protocol Source
  • Perform Backup Switch Configuration
  • Configure Management Security Mechanisms Radius , TACACS+

Agenda: Day 2

10XX Rapid Spanning Tree Configuration

  • Spanning Tree & Rapid Spanning Tree Overview
  • Configuring Rapid Spanning Tree

Lab Exercise RSTP Configuration

Configure L3 Features

  • IP Interface
  • Static Routing
  • OSPF

10XX Security Access Lists

  • ACL Introduction
  • Creating ACL
  • UDP – TCP Port Level Filtering
  • Displaying ACL
  • Creating & Deleting ACL

Lab Exercise Access List Configuration

  • IP Interface
  • Static Routing
  • OSPF


  • Packet Priority to Traffic Class Mapping
  • Managing VLAN Map Priority
  • Enabling Switch ETS
  • Priority Flow Control

10XX IGMP Configuration

  • Multicast L2 IGMP Overview
  • IGMP Configuration
  • IGMP CLI Commands
  • Displaying IGMP Settings

Conclusive Lab Exercise L2

Conclusive Lab Exercise  L3

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