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Our Live Virtual Instructor Led Training Benefits

Cost Saving
  • A dramatic reduction in training costs (up to 50%)
  • Eliminating travel expenses & travel time
  • Reduced course price (comparing to onsite and open enrollment classes)
  • Flexible registration change policy
Time Saving
  • Little to no out-of field time for the course participants – better balancing between work productivity to career growth
  • Short and focused sessions - each training session will length 2-3 hours only
  • After work-hours course: some of the courses start at 15:00 or 16:00 local time
Geographic location independency
  • Participation from the comfort of the student’s own home or office
  • Platform independency - delivered on PC and Mac
  • Remote lab availability to the student during all course duration
  • Ability to re-take the course or part of the course free of charge
  • Reduced pre-course logistics and preparation time
High-Quality Learning Experience
  • Advanced live interaction with experienced and qualified instructors
  • Hands-on lab exercises
  • Increased social sharing and crowdsourcing to maximize knowledge exposure
  • Continue to learn even after the class ends with your free GOLD membership to the Mellanox online Academy

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