Once in 99 Years, The Eclipse of (Nearly) a Century

Come next Monday, Aug. 21, the world will be focused on a swath of the United States about 70 miles wide. Over the course of 90 or so minutes, the shadow of the Moon will careen across the United States at supersonic speeds (2,400 mph), and cross the entire country from just north of Newport, […]

Why So Many Types of High-speed Interconnects?

Rationale behind the myriad of different interconnect technologies and products Creating high-speed interconnect links between servers and storage, switches and routers involves many different types of technologies in order to minimize the cost involved. With large data centers buying tens of thousands of devices, costs add up quickly. A 3-meter long DAC cable is priced […]

Mellanox Delivers ConnectX-4 LX for the IBM z14

The world is in the midst of a digital transformation that is having a profound impact on individuals, business, and society. As businesses adapt to capitalize on digital, trust will be the currency that drives this new economy. The new IBM® z14™ (z14) mainframe is the core of trusted digital experiences. It enables the ultimate […]

Mellanox with IBM Research: Deep Learning, THIS is how you do it!

Mellanox’s role in record setting deep learning performance with IBM PowerAI This year has already proven to be a game-changer in the next generation performance for artificial intelligence, as the race continues to solve the challenges of scalable deep learning.  Most popular deep learning frameworks today can scale to multiple GPUs in a server, but […]

Mellanox LinkX™ Cables Connect the Scientific & Engineering Community

As many know, the circumference of the earth is 40,075 km. Doing the math, we start with the fact that Mellanox has shipped over 2 million copper DAC cables to-date. As the length of wire in 2 million cables is 144,000 km, that is essentially enough to circle the earth at the equator 3.5 times […]

The Top 7 Data Center Networking Misconceptions

Adding more 40GbE links is less expensive than using 100GbE links 40GbE price is 2X 10GbE price, similarly 2 x 40GbE are more expensive than a single 100GbE port Vendor C: “You get the best price in the entire country, more than 80% discount” Really? I have met many customers proud of getting 80% discount, […]

The Best Flash Array Controller Is a System-on-Chip called BlueField

As the storage world turns to flash and flash turns to NVMe over Fabrics, the BlueField SoC could be the most highly integrated and most efficient flash controller ever. Let me explain why. The backstory—NVMe Flash Changes Storage Dramatic changes are happening in the storage market. This change comes from NVMe over Fabrics, which comes […]

Building a Simple, Scalable MPLS / Segment Routing Network Just Got Easier

In recent years, IP networking has experienced a massive transformation, driven by the requirement of hyperscale data centers to achieve improved performance, density and scale, and to reduce capex and OPEX spending. By contrast, MPLS architectures and solutions are lagging far behind – leaving the operators with antiquated, inadequate and expensive options to develop their […]

Why iSER is the right high speed Ethernet all-flash interconnect today

The following is a guest blog post from Subhojit Roy, a Senior Technical Staff Member working out of IBM India Labs.  All-flash storage is bringing change throughout the data center to meet the demands of modern workloads. Fiber Channel has traditionally been the preferred interconnect for all-flash storage. However, 21st century data center paradigms like cloud, […]

Our Interconnected Planet: The University of Alaska Fairbanks Tackles The Unsettling Subject of Turbulence

I have long been convinced that our mutually bumpy airplane rides, all caused by turbulence, is simply getting worse. And I’m not the only one who thinks we are white knuckling it a whole lot more often these days. That is why I so appreciate the work being done by Dr. David Newman, Professor of […]