Turn Your Cloud into a Mega-Cloud

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Cloud computing was developed specifically to overcome issues of localization and limitations of power and physical space. Yet many data center facilities are in danger of running out of power, cooling, or physical space.

Mellanox offers an alternative and cost-efficient solution. Mellanox’s new MetroX® long-haul switch system makes it possible to move from the paradigm of multiple, disconnected data centers to a single multi-point meshed mega-cloud. In other words, remote data center sites can now be localized through long-haul connectivity, providing benefits such as faster compute, higher volume data transfer, and improved business continuity. MetroX provides the ability for more applications and more cloud users, leading to faster product development, quicker backup, and more immediate disaster recovery.

The more physical data centers you join using MetroX, the more you scale your company’s cloud into a mega-cloud. You can continue to scale your cloud by adding data centers at opportune moments and places, where real estate is inexpensive and power is at its lowest rates, without concern for distance from existing data centers and without fear that there will be a degradation of performance.

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Moreover, you can take multiple distinct clouds, whether private or public, and use MetroX to combine them into a single mega-cloud.  This enables you to scale your cloud offering without adding significant infrastructure, and it enables your cloud users to access more applications and to conduct more wide-ranging research while maintaining the same level of performance.

With MetroX you can easily combine and manage distant sites up to 80 kilometers apart, extending the reach of your InfiniBand and Ethernet RDMA interconnect. Only MetroX can offer 40 and 56Gb/s downlink speed, native RDMA, and latency as low as 200ns.

MetroX allows you to build a more efficient and more powerful network by connecting your remote facilities and your distinct cloud infrastructures, transforming them into a single efficient mega-cloud.


Brian Klaff
Author: Brian Klaff is a Senior Technical Communicator at Mellanox. Prior to Mellanox, Brian served as Director of Technical & Marketing Communications for ExperTeam, Ltd. He has also spent time as a Technical Communications Manager at Amdocs Israel, as a Product Marketing Manager at Versaware Technologies, and as a consultant specializing in mobile telecommunications for Mercer Management Consulting. Brian holds a BA in Economics & Near Eastern Studies from Johns Hopkins University.

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