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This week at the IBM Enterprise2014 Executive Summit in Las Vegas, IBM unveiled new Power8 based infrastructure for cloud, data, web 2.0, and mobile engagement. Mellanox is being showcased as a key partner enabling critical platforms for IBM’s Big Data analytics, cloud, and software defined “Elastic Storage” solutions. The new Power8 platform incorporates Mellanox 40Gb Ethernet networking gear and a fully integrated Turbo LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) software stack.




This Turbo LAMP stack came about through a development partnership between IBM, Mellanox and several software vendors:

  • Canonical (Ubuntu Linux & Apache Web Server)
  • SkySQL (MariaDB/MySQL Database)
  • Zend (PHP)

The Turbo LAMP integration is important as it is the foundation for the most common ecommerce, content management systems, and Big Data analytics platforms. This integration allows customers to deliver optimized mobile and web applications while offering critical performance, scale and secure access that businesses need.

On Thursday October 9, our very own Matthew Sheard will be on stage at IBM Enterprise Conference providing details on the solution as outlined in this presentation.

The tight software integration between IBM server platform and Mellanox networking hardware takes advantage of the improved I/O performance and deeper memory caches in the Power8 to deliver unmatched price/performance. The IBM-Mellanox Power8 Turbo LAMP solution offers over 2X database performance gains vs. traditional solutions.

The performance and efficiency of Mellanox Ethernet technology enables Turbo LAMP based solutions to address small/medium business, enterprise,  and hyper-scale use cases. Cost effective solutions are available that scale from entry-level platforms affordable for any business to more powerful, clustered, fault-tolerant, reliable hardware platforms for which IBM is famous. With IBM and Mellanox customers can solve the largest problems facing the industry today:




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