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Did you know Dell Fluid Cache for SAN now supports Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6.5 and VMware vSphere® ESXi™5.5 U2*? With these two additions plus the ability to use a variety of Dell PowerEdge 12th and new 13th generation Dell servers as Cache Contributor servers, customers have even more deployment options to turbocharge OLTP and power heavy use VDI workloads.


Big data analytics are growing in demand across enterprise organizations with the need to sort and analyze vast amounts of data in order to guide business decisions. Many companies using ERP solutions which require vast amounts of I/O to process multiple transactions could benefit from extraordinary performance increases required of these databases by adding Dell Fluid Cache for SAN.



Using Dell Fluid Cache for SAN software inside PowerEdge servers that contain in-server flash,  a group of servers uses that use flash to form a cache pool, to accelerate application performance within the servers. The servers, each installed with Mellanox 10/40Gb Connect-X Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC), are connected to a Dell Network 10/40GbE switch for the private cache network.  All of the servers then connect  to a Dell Compellent SAN – which provides storage and management for this end-to-end solution.


To find out more watch this newly recorded Dell Fluid Cache for SAN webinar from Dell and Mellanox about the Dell Fluid Cache for SAN solution and take a deeper dive into the benefits that this solution can provide.


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*Supported on VMware with iSCSI SAN connectivity for cache enabled LUNs on the SAN. Dell Fluid Cache for SAN VMware support requires SR-IOV in vSphere.



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