Mellanox Introduces NEO-Host, the Industry’s New Software Solution for Network Adapter Management


You asked and we listened! Mellanox customers can now take advantage of NEO-Host. This Brand new unified tool is now available for managing, configuring, and diagnosing Mellanox Ethernet adapters, across various operating-systems and platforms, and adapter card generations.

Mellanox NEO-Host is a powerful solution for orchestrating and managing host networking. NEO-Host allows data-center operators to configure, monitor, and operate high-speed server Ethernet and InfiniBand network adapters. It simplifies deployment and operations of data-center networking, provides deep visibility into host configuration, and optimizes performance. In addition, Mellanox NEO-Host offers a comprehensive set of JSON-based APIs. To allow easy integration with ad-hoc management systems on top of the JSON commands, Mellanox NEO-Host enables the use of an SDK to send commands via scripting languages. Best of all, NEO-Host can be integrated with the flagship Mellanox NEO™ platform by deploying NEO-Host on Linux hosts managed by NEO.

Key features include:

  • In-depth Visibility into Host Networking – NEO-Host provides comprehensive information on Mellanox’s adapter cards installed in a host. This information is presented in a top-down hierarchal model, to streamline adapter management and monitoring tasks.
  • Adapter Configuration Management – NEO-Host supports configuration of various adapter software and hardware features, including but not limited to SR-IOV, PXE, RoCE, QoS, LLDP, and others. The GUI application is designed to simplify configuration and tuning of advanced adapter settings.
  • Adapter Software Management – NEO-Host enables management and upgrade of firmware images on Mellanox adapters, to enable additional features and address issues as they arise.
  • Advanced Diagnostics –NEO-Host allows for collecting advanced system and adapter diagnostics, allowing to enhance system and applications uptime, and to quickly recover in case of network issues.
  • Performance Monitoring – NEO-Host enables monitoring of adapter performance to achieve high-performance data-center networking, and address issues as they arise.
  • Enhanced Network Automation – NEO-Host’s JSON-based APIs and SDK offer a rich set of features through application programming and enhanced network automation.
  • NEO Platform Integration – The NEO platform is seamlessly integrated with NEO-Host. The NEO Platform features a centralized solution of NEO-Host for servers that are operated with Mellanox ConnectX® family adapters. NEO utilizes the NEO-Host APIs to offer deep host networking visibility, and a rich set of control functions.

Best of all, NEO-Host is offered free-of-charge to Mellanox customers and partners, and is available to download at: MyMellanox.



About Itay Ozery

Itay Ozery is Product Manager, Management Software, at Mellanox Technologies Inc. Before joining Mellanox, Itay was Sr. Sales Engineer for NICE Systems Ltd., a Nasdaq listed Israeli corporation, where he led large-scale business and projects in the fields of cyber security and intelligence. Prior to that, Itay held various positions for more than a decade in IT systems and networking with data centers and telecom service providers, where he acquired extensive experience in IT engineering and network management. Itay holds B.A. in Marketing and Information Systems from the College of Management Academic Studies, Israel.

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