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Dror Goldenberg has served as Mellanox’s Vice President of Software Architecture since October 2013. Previously, he served as Vice President of Architecture from March 2010 to October 2013, where he was responsible for software, firmware and system architecture. Mr. Goldenberg joined Mellanox in 2000 as an architect, serving in numerous architecture and design positions. Prior to Mellanox, Mr. Goldenberg held various software development positions on an elite R&D team in the Israeli Defense Force. Mr. Goldenberg was a member of the Pentium MMX and Pentium 4 architecture validation teams at Intel. He contributed to the PCI and InfiniBand specifications and holds several patents in the field of high speed networking. Mr. Goldenberg graduated Cum Laude with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and holds an MBA from the Technion Institute of Technology Israel.

Going the Distance: Mellanox Hackathon Spurs Innovation and Code Rules The Day

Mellanox recently held its 11th Software Hackathon in Mellanox Israel offices. As most know, Hackathons are essentially software writing contests. Creative engineers spend 48 hours, working around the clock, “hacking” (writing software) in a marathon fashion. Hackathons have become part of the Mellanox culture by enabling employees to innovate and drive their ideas from vision into reality. In Hackathons we have a saying: Code Wins. Code wins every argument and Code demonstrates feasibility and value of the invention. Over the past four years, engineers have had amazing opportunities to bring their ideas to life in Mellanox hackathons. As a result, we have enriched our product portfolio, improved our infrastructure, developed new inventions and established collaboration with partners on new innovative directions.

In this latest hackathon, Mellanox hosted 18 participating teams, which made it the largest hackathon record. We received amazing ideas; from containerized switch applications, improving resiliency and performance, simulators and prototyping, artificial intelligence, manageability and debug-ability, online training and so much more. Our MLNX-OS switch platform support for containerized applications facilitated multiple projects enabling value add applications to run inside the switch. Such applications can include manageability, protocols enhancements, telemetry, resiliency, debuggability, testability, tuning and more. We are also seeing trends of innovation around machine learning algorithms to boost our products and core infrastructure.

The winner was coding for a switch container application that boosts storage resiliency. In second place, was code for containerized MLNX-OS -. In third place, was an automatic storage management infrastructure and dynamic performance tuning. As hackathons are integral to Mellanox’s continual quest for innovation, we are already looking forward for the next successful hackathon!

Mellanox Hosts 10th Software Hackathon

Hackathon is a about motivation and driving innovations into our products. It enables every engineer to come up with a great idea, prototype that idea and present it to the management team. This is the way ideas are brought to life!

At Mellanox, Hackathon is not just a tradition, it’s a way of life. This week we held our 10th software hackathon, following 9 successful hackathons in Israel and the U.S. This hackathon was opened to any idea that relates to our products. 42 talented engineers from software, firmware, IT and chip design disciplines gathered in 15 teams. The teams worked for 48 hours, around the clock, hacking a proof of concept for their idea. At the end of the hacking round, we got together and each team gave a product pitch to the judges.

We had great innovations in many areas: security, HDR and 200G, RoCE, machine learning, debug, diagnostics, visibility, performance, tools, BI, performance and more. Some of these great innovations will find their way into our products, tools and some will even find their way into our patent portfolio.

It is amazing to see what great people can code within 48 hours, and I am proud and honored to be part of this team!

The winning teams:

  • 1st Place: Achiad Sochat, Amir Ancel, Aviv Heller, Liran Liss, Natan Oppenheimer, Aviad Yehezkel
  • 2nd Place: Tal Anker, Matty Kadosh, Alex Shpiner
  • 3rd place: Boris Pismenny, Noa Osherovich, Rotem Damsker, Eyal Cohen, Gennady Yekelis

Looking forward to the next successful hackathon!



Mellanox Hosts 2nd USA Open Hackathon

We recently hosted the 2nd USA Open Hackathon. Hackathons are becoming tradition here at Mellanox – this represents our 8th software Hackathon. To those of you who wonder what Hackathon is, it is a software writing competition, where innovative and talented engineers bring their ideas to life within a short period of time of intensive coding and debugging. A Hackathon is a combination of Hacking and Marathon coding, and when it comes to software, it is amazing to see what great people can code just in ONE long day!  At the end of the competition, each team presents a working demo of their product. Some of these prototypes are likely to become products, open source projects, internal tools, patents and can some can lead to further collaboration with our partners.

This Hackathon was really successful. We developed 10 great new projects.  Five different sites within the US participated: Boston, Knoxville, Sunnyvale, NY and Austin, with additional individuals from Russia and Israel joining in remotely. We covered almost all of Mellanox products: ConnectX®, Spectrum™ and Bluefield™. The ideas included a lot of work on debugging, diagnostics and visibility into where the pain-points are for our customers and developers. Other ideas also included adding RDMA support for applications and infrastructure and other innovations around our products.

Our great software team is growing worldwide and I am really proud to be part of this team!


The winning teams:

  • 1st Place: 
    • Team: Parav Pandit, Daniel Jurgens, Ori Golan – Austin
  • 2nd Place: 
    • Team: Eitan Rabin, Ariel Levkovich, Etai Plushnick – New York
  • 3rd place: 
    • Team: Bodong Wang, Huy Nguyen, Sunil Sudhakar Rani – Austin
  • 3rd place
    • Team: Yuval Degani, Vu Pham, Matthew Finlay – Sunnyvale


Many thanks for everyone on the Mellanox team that made ithis latest Hackathon possible: Jennie Nguyen, Sandy Bowman, Natalia Kent, Howard Yuen, Leong Ng, Desi Torres, Ken Jensen, Jeff Bowker, and special thanks to Diana Sharouf for making it a successful event.



Mellanox’s First Hackatop Has the Community Coding Their Way to the Top!

On December 1-2, Mellanox held the first Networking and RDMA Hackathon, in Tel Aviv, the heart of our startup nation. Following the great success of our internal Hackathons, we decided to open our doors to startups, students, IDF technology units and more to join us and leverage our advanced network technologies to boost their applications. The event is codenamed: Hacaktop – Code Your Way to the Top, and its goal is to build community around advanced networking technologies and bindings between networking engineers and the community such that they can leverage these technology to obtain much better performance and scalability for various applications.

Following a pre-registration process, we elected 10 teams to participate in the event, offering projects in big data, streaming, storage, memory hierarchy, cloud and more. We offered them great atmosphere: plenty of food, great support from Mellanox teams, massage and surprises. And the teams coded throughout the night for about 25 hours of competition. Hackathon is a combination of hacking and marathon, and when it comes to software, it is amazing to see what people (that are in good shape) can code within ONE long day!

At the end of the competition, the teams presented the results to a panel of judges: Michael Kagan (CTO), Nimrod Gindi (Head of M&A), Amit Krig (VP Software) and Yifat Oron (CEO Leumitech). It was amazing to see how the teams learned the technologies overnight and what they managed to code over this short period of time.

Announcing the winning teams:

1st IBitTorrent – Peer to peer over RDMA – Oren Bar & Tali Messing  – won $10,000

2nd Cloud Manager – Holistic Approach to Cloud Management for DevOps – Arik Gelman & Miky Petrescu – won $5,000

3rd RPS – Memory Hierarchy – Remote Paging System using RDMA – Michael Lellouch, Daniel Engel & Ariel Tzentner – won $2,000

Other projects that participated:

  • Pixel – distributed image and stream processing using RDMA
  • RDMA Object Storage – extending Openstack Swift distributed object storage
  • Encryption middlebox using DPDK
  • Team Weka – distributed file system using RDMA and DPDK
  • Shabiah – remote memory analysis for debug and forensic using RDMA
  • OnOneLeg – scale out server processing using RDMA

Despite the heavy rain, we managed to run the event and had amazing surprises… in the middle of the night, Amir Ancel drove with Cash Cab to the hackathon, won the prize and brought Ido Rosenbloom to the hackathon arena. In the morning, a bride and a groom struggling with the rain trying to shoot their wedding album, came in for shooting in our great hackathon ambience.

Following the great success we are looking forward to the next Hackatop!

I would like to thank the amazing team that made this event happen and made it a big success:

Oron Yifat , Nimrod Gindi, Michael Kagan, Amit Krig, Igor Braginsky, Erez Cohen, Alexander Fridman, Yanna Luft, Maor Goldfarb, Udi Weinstein, Vladik Arshanski, Yael Greenberg,  Artemiy Kosenko, Tzahi Oved, Elad Raz, Liran Liss, Haggai Eran, Aviad Yehezkel, Ahmad Omary, Amir Ancel, Alex Rosenbaum, Liel Shoshan, Natali Shechtman, Yongseok Koh, Majd Dibbiny, Oren Duer, Arik Kol, Dotan Barak, Alex Margolin, Sagi Schlanger, Gideon Naim, Max Gurtovoy, Idan Burstein, Lior Narkis, Gideon Rosenberg, Hila Cherny, Tziporet Koren, Gilad Shainer, Moshe Gelliss, Idan Jakobovich, Ziv Almog, Yael Slabezki, Yael Weizman, Brian Klaff, Kevin Deierling, Ninette Cheng, Julie Dibene, Jeff Bowker, Einat Zuk, Maayan Feldman, Adi Amiel ,  Oshrat Sabag, Inbar Sheich, Natali Bauman, Alex Shinbach, Guy Graider, Shahar Abekasis and whoever else I missed. Special thanks to Diana Sharouf that worked around the clock to make this event happen!

Join Mellanox for the Security and Performance Hackathon 2016!

Here at Mellanox the Hackathon season has just started. We had our 7th company hackathon focusing on Security & Performance. Next week we will hold the first Networking & RDMA Hackathon in Tel Aviv, which will be open up great opportunities to write software that scales and performs better using advanced networking technologies. Additionally, we will host an Open Hackathon in our US sites this upcoming January.

We love Hackathons because they bring innovations to the company. We believe in entrepreneurship of our employees and their ability to drive great ideas into our products. When it comes to software, people can prototype amazing things just within 48 hours of coding. Then, we work closely with our partners and customers and  integrate the new technologies into our products.

For this hackathon, we focused on Performance and Security. Performance is our bread and butter, and we challenged the team to take it to the extreme. Datacenter Security is getting more and more traction every day, and we start by providing the best secured network equipment, crypto acceleration and ability to detect anomalies within the network.

We had great innovation on the performance front including tools for visibility, through world record low latency, improved burst processing, faster software update and better tools, and more.

On the security front we also had great projects, making the InfiniBand and RoCE network more secure, crypto offload and more.

Looking forward for more successful hackathons!


Hackathon Comes to Tel Aviv!

Do you think you have ideas that can change the world? If so, then you need to join the first ever Networking and RDMA hackathon being held in Tel Aviv!

I love innovation and started the software hackathons inside Mellanox almost three years ago. It is an amazing platform for employees to drive their cool ideas and turn them into real products. We are now running software hackathons inside Mellanox globally three times a year.

Following the success of these events, we decided to organize a hackathon in Tel Aviv. We want to enable the startup nation to leverage Mellanox advanced networking technologies to scale and get the best performance for many applications.

The Hackathon will be 25 hours of great RDMA and Network hacking at the Old Jaffa Tachana Station in Tel-Aviv, on Dec 1st-2nd.  We’ve opened this event to IDF tech units, startups and academic students. Join us, enjoy a great experience of marathon coding throughout the night, percolate your ideas, achieve the best performance and scalability for your application, and gain exposure to industry leaders. Also, let’s not forget the chance to win great prizes!

As with any proper all-nighter Hackathon, great atmosphere and food will be provided throughout the event. We will provide Virtual Machines running on Mellanox CloudX® for teams to use throughout the Hackathon.

Think about scale-out data center applications. Think about efficiency. Think about performance. Think about break through innovation.

Got it?

So hurry up and register at (registration closes Nov 17, 2016).




Hack away! Mellanox Hosts New Hackathon Focusing on Resiliency

Recently, Mellanox hosted the 6th Software Hackathon at Mellanox, Israel. A Hackathon is essentially a software writing competition, in which innovative and talented engineers bring their ideas to life within a short period of time. This time they had 48 hours to develop their prototypes through intensive coding and debugging. In short: hacking + marathon = Hackathon. At the end of the competition, each team presents a working demo of their product. Some of these prototypes are likely to evolve into products, internal tools and patents.

As Mellanox is growing its business and presence at very large scale and in mission critical deployments, it was decided this was the time to focus on Software Resiliency. As the teams pointed out, resiliency is the ability to recover from misfortune. Based on innovative technologies prototyped in the Hackathon projects, Mellanox will improve its software robustness, ability to debug in the field and testability. Moreover, Mellanox software will be able to automatically recover from faulty situations through self-healing algorithms.

Projects in this Hackathon included better diagnostics, self-troubleshooting, fault recovery, fast restart, HA, testability, smart phone applications, networking applications, networking resilience, storage and more.

During the week of this Hackathon, Mellanox hosted a parallel customer roadshow of the November Hackathon winner. This project materialized into part of Mellanox product offering, enabling better manageability of clusters for our customers.

Mellanox congratulates all the participants in the recent Software Hackathon and looks forward to the next Mellanox Hackathon!