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Are You Flying Blind with Ceph?

Ceph storage is great.  It’s flexible – you can use it for file, block, and object storage – even at the same time.  It’s huge – in cloud environments, containers, microservices – the modern architectures.  It’s open – you can run it on any hardware you want.  It scales – you can keep adding storage […]

Ignite Your Microsoft Software-Defined Datacenter with DataON and Mellanox

DataON TracSystem, certified for Microsoft Windows Server, is a fully integrated and turnkey hyper-converged solution with Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces Direct. Powered by the end-to-end Mellanox RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) solution, and all-flash NVMe SSDs, DataON TracSystem achieves exceptional performance of 3M IOPS in a four-node configuration. It also delivers simplicity, scalability, automation […]

Is it Time to Upgrade to VXLAN?

VXLAN has been a hot protocol for the past few years, and network architects have been looking at this protocol to see if it solves the use cases which have arisen due to an explosion of data, evolution of agile workloads, scalability requirements, OpenStack adaptation, and for many other reasons. VXLAN has shown the promise […]

Open Network for OpenStack

Mellanox Technologies been a part of the OpenStack community for a very long time.  You might ask: Why is a Networking company that delivers physical network components so involved in a software oriented project? I often see Hyperconverged Infrastructure vendors talking about the scale-out concept, which is a fantastic model since it describes the very […]

Who’s Tapping Your Lines and Snooping On Your Apps?

Spoiler alert – it should be you! No one would argue whether good vision was important if you were a surgeon, a welder, or an Uber driver. In technology, whether you’re a Cloud Architect or in Network Operations, you really need good visibility into what is going on inside your data center. To sleep soundly […]

Autonomous Networking For Real

Self-Driving Data Center by Phil Clegg (Nutanix) and Elad Wind (Mellanox) Nutanix is designed from the ground up to simplify datacenter deployment and management. Business applications are deployed in enterprise clouds in minutes. This simple to use and intuitive interface allows users to easily create, modify and delete virtual workloads in a cloud- like fashion. […]

Mellanox Announces 100G CPRI Transceiver and Accelink PSM4 Optical Engine Partnership

On display at Two Big Tradeshows CIOE & ECOC Mellanox is showcasing its LinkX cables and transceivers, with ConnectX adapters and Ethernet and InfiniBand switches at the September CIOE and ECOC trade shows.  ECOC and CIOE are the two biggest interconnect events of the year besides the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) in March. CIOE: China […]

Network Disaggregation – Why is it not the Same as Server Disaggregation?

What is Server Disaggregation? Today, customers may buy a server from HP, Dell or Lenovo and install their choice of Linux or Microsoft OS on the system. This separation of who they purchase their hardware from and who they purchase their software from is called disaggregation.   The State of the Server Market The server […]

Hate Compromising on Performance and Scale when Running VXLAN?

I guess many of you have been disappointed that you cannot get what you really need when using VXLAN: You can do VXLAN routing but only at 10/40GbE, while you want to run 25/100GbE (without using a loopback cable…) You use VXLAN as you need a scalable network but you are unable to support more […]

Back to School with Mellanox HPC

You see it everywhere this time of year. Parents with a lighter spring to their step, smiles breaking out spontaneously as they happily shell out funds for reams of paper, pens, and a multitude of other school supplies. Conversely, you see the guarded dread behind children’s gazes. Yes, it is that glorious time of year […]