Ignite Your Microsoft Software-Defined Datacenter with DataON and Mellanox

DataON TracSystem, certified for Microsoft Windows Server, is a fully integrated and turnkey hyper-converged solution with Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces Direct. Powered by the end-to-end Mellanox RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) solution, and all-flash NVMe SSDs, DataON TracSystem achieves exceptional performance of 3M IOPS in a four-node configuration. It also delivers simplicity, scalability, automation […]

New HPE StoreFabric M-series Switches Power Ethernet Storage Fabric

HPE Launches New Ethernet Switches for Storage Today, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced their new StoreFabric M-series Ethernet switches, which are built on Mellanox Spectrum switch technology. This is an exciting new product line, specifically designed for storage workloads and ideal for building an Ethernet Storage Fabric (ESF). The switches are perfect for building fast […]

The Heat is On

It’s on everyone’s bucket list; to experience the Great Barrier Reef. In fact, Traveler Magazine puts in on the Ultimate Travel Bucket List. However, before you book that dream vacation to this World Heritage site, know that the reef is fragile and scientific research says it is getting more fragile with each passing day. So […]

Is it Time to Upgrade to VXLAN?

VXLAN has been a hot protocol for the past few years, and network architects have been looking at this protocol to see if it solves the use cases which have arisen due to an explosion of data, evolution of agile workloads, scalability requirements, OpenStack adaptation, and for many other reasons. VXLAN has shown the promise […]

UoA and Mellanox Study the Solar System’s Lord of The Rings Saturn

Humans were obsessed with the stars and exploration long before the written word. From Stonehenge and the Mayan calendar, to American mission commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin who manned the lunar module Eagle on July 20, 1969, humans have been reaching, literally, for the stars and the planets beyond. The quest for “One […]

Open Network for OpenStack

Mellanox Technologies been a part of the OpenStack community for a very long time.  You might ask: Why is a Networking company that delivers physical network components so involved in a software oriented project? I often see Hyperconverged Infrastructure vendors talking about the scale-out concept, which is a fantastic model since it describes the very […]

Who’s Tapping Your Lines and Snooping On Your Apps?

Spoiler alert – it should be you! No one would argue whether good vision was important if you were a surgeon, a welder, or an Uber driver. In technology, whether you’re a Cloud Architect or in Network Operations, you really need good visibility into what is going on inside your data center. To sleep soundly […]

Catching Fire: The Science Behind The Burn

Today is September 11th, a day none of us will never forget. We continue to honor the fallen brothers, the heroes of 911.  This is also the perfect day to highlight the important research being done by NIST, The National Institute of Standards and Technology, Fire Research Division. They did exhaustive research and issued extensive […]

Autonomous Networking For Real

Self-Driving Data Center by Phil Clegg (Nutanix) and Elad Wind (Mellanox) Nutanix is designed from the ground up to simplify datacenter deployment and management. Business applications are deployed in enterprise clouds in minutes. This simple to use and intuitive interface allows users to easily create, modify and delete virtual workloads in a cloud- like fashion. […]

Our Interconnected Planet: The University of Alaska and Mellanox take HPC Climate Research by Storm

“How’s the weather?” is probably the most oft uttered question in the history of mankind. And with the recent epic hurricane devastating Houston, Texas, the weather is literally on everyone’s minds these days. Weather has been the bane of humans for as long as we have been around. Everyone thinks that the Inuik have the […]