Mellanox Announces 100G CPRI Transceiver and Accelink PSM4 Optical Engine Partnership

On display at Two Big Tradeshows CIOE & ECOC Mellanox is showcasing its LinkX cables and transceivers, with ConnectX adapters and Ethernet and InfiniBand switches at the September CIOE and ECOC trade shows.  ECOC and CIOE are the two biggest interconnect events of the year besides the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) in March. CIOE: China […]

Network Disaggregation – Why is it not the Same as Server Disaggregation?

What is Server Disaggregation? Today, customers may buy a server from HP, Dell or Lenovo and install their choice of Linux or Microsoft OS on the system. This separation of who they purchase their hardware from and who they purchase their software from is called disaggregation.   The State of the Server Market The server […]

Hate Compromising on Performance and Scale when Running VXLAN?

I guess many of you have been disappointed that you cannot get what you really need when using VXLAN: You can do VXLAN routing but only at 10/40GbE, while you want to run 25/100GbE (without using a loopback cable…) You use VXLAN as you need a scalable network but you are unable to support more […]

Back to School with Mellanox HPC

You see it everywhere this time of year. Parents with a lighter spring to their step, smiles breaking out spontaneously as they happily shell out funds for reams of paper, pens, and a multitude of other school supplies. Conversely, you see the guarded dread behind children’s gazes. Yes, it is that glorious time of year […]

Webinar: Building Post Production Storage to Your Advantage

Building the right infrastructure for the next generation media workflows Mellanox and Scale Logic will deliver an insightful webinar on August 29, 2017 which will focus on ‘Building Post Production Storage to Your Advantage.’ Scale Logic delivers storage solutions for media and entertainment workflows using integrated Mellanox technology to deliver fast, efficient connections between applications, […]

The University of Alaska Fairbanks and Mellanox’s HPC Take on Earthquakes

Dr. Carl Tape is an associate professor of geophysics at UAF at the Geophysical Institute and the Department of Geosciences. He is conducting research on seismic tomography and seismic wave propagation. Seismic tomography is a technique for imaging the subsurface of the Earth with seismic waves produced by earthquakes or explosions. Seismic waves travel through the […]

Once in 99 Years, The Eclipse of (Nearly) a Century

Come next Monday, Aug. 21, the world will be focused on a swath of the United States about 70 miles wide. Over the course of 90 or so minutes, the shadow of the Moon will careen across the United States at supersonic speeds (2,400 mph), and cross the entire country from just north of Newport, […]

Why So Many Types of High-speed Interconnects?

Rationale behind the myriad of different interconnect technologies and products Creating high-speed interconnect links between servers and storage, switches and routers involves many different types of technologies in order to minimize the cost involved. With large data centers buying tens of thousands of devices, costs add up quickly. A 3-meter long DAC cable is priced […]

Mellanox Delivers ConnectX-4 LX for the IBM z14

The world is in the midst of a digital transformation that is having a profound impact on individuals, business, and society. As businesses adapt to capitalize on digital, trust will be the currency that drives this new economy. The new IBM® z14™ (z14) mainframe is the core of trusted digital experiences. It enables the ultimate […]

Mellanox with IBM Research: Deep Learning, THIS is how you do it!

Mellanox’s role in record setting deep learning performance with IBM PowerAI This year has already proven to be a game-changer in the next generation performance for artificial intelligence, as the race continues to solve the challenges of scalable deep learning.  Most popular deep learning frameworks today can scale to multiple GPUs in a server, but […]