The Era of Smart Networks

We live in a world of data. Many of the new products and services being developed depend directly on the ability to analyze the growing amount of data we collect, and to do it at a faster pace. Self-driving vehicles, and smart cities are just two examples of how the new world of data is […]

Going With the Flow: How Fluid Mechanics Advance Biomedical Research

More FLAIR to Fluid Mechanics via the Monash Research Cloud Fluid Mechanics represents one of the most exacting and computationally challenging areas of biomedical research and medical diagnostics today. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics are at the forefront of research efforts to understand how fluids behave and flow at small scales. This is critical to medical advancements […]

Introducing the DynamiX QSA™ Family of Port Adapters

Connects Any SFP DAC, AOC or Transceiver to a QSFP Port The DynamiX QSATM family of port adapters is the answer to many Data Center professional’s prayers because it resolves the systems linking issues between different line rates and different form-factors used in switches and network adapters such as SFP and QSFP. In addition, it […]

What Tesla’s Autopilot Teaches Us about DevOps for High Performance AI-Powered Applications

This post was co-written by Mellanox’s Ramnath Sagar and Nisha Tagala of Parallel Machines. Tesla’s semi-autonomous Autopilot system has drawn a lot of attention in the automotive industry. The ability of Tesla to push smarter Autopilot service with each Over-The-Air (OTA) update enables them to maintain a competitive edge in the autonomous vehicle era. But […]

Spectrum Ethernet Storage Switches Unleash Revolutionary Storage Performance

Panama: The canal that unlocked the world a century ago is doing it again. After nine years of toil, and a whopping $5.8B in investments, the wider canal opened in early 2017. Before 2017, large ships carrying natural gas from U.S. East coast had to travel all the way around the tip of South America […]

VXLAN is finally simple, use EVPN and set up VXLAN in 3 steps

I am writing this blog because, while building a simple Overlay network, it occurred to me that with the right Network Operating System there is a simple  structure to configuring EVPN, which I call  EVPN in Three steps:   In my example, the setup is very basic, but this atomic setup is the baseline for […]

Climate Change and Global Health: What NCI is Doing to Help

Climate change is poised to become what the prestigious British medical publication The Lancet has called “the biggest global health threat of the 21st century.” The health risks associated with climate change are numerous and alarming. Just to name a few: increases in heat-related illnesses and death; extreme weather-related injuries and mortality; aggravated chronic illnesses; spread of infectious diseases; […]

NVMe over Fabrics Adoption Makes In-Roads with NetApp E-series

Another milestone in the life of NVM Express over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) technology has occurred. NetApp has become the first large enterprise external storage system vendor to support NVMe-oF. Late last month they announced their new E-5700 hybrid storage array and EF-570 all-flash array. Both feature front side NVMe-oF connections to clients. Only four months have […]

Download Free LinkX Ebook on DAC, AOCs and Transceivers for High-Speed Data Centers

What’s New? Mellanox has introduced a new ebook that describes the latest developments in Direct Attach Copper (DAC) cables, Active Optical Cables (AOCs) and both multi-mode and single-mode optical transceivers for use in modern high-speed data centers. With 33 pages of descriptive text and diagrams, this ebook is a must-read for anyone involved in high-speed […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Personalized Medicine

Imagine becoming gravely ill and yet being able to receive an accurate diagnosis with a recommended treatment plan in just 10 minutes. Sound like the future? This is actually happening now with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  The University of Tokyo recently reported that Watson, IBM’s cognitive supercomputer, correctly diagnosed a rare form of leukemia in a […]