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The Ethernet market is rapidly adopting 25/100 gigabit per second Ethernet speeds. You can now build a 25/100G Ethernet infrastructure basically at the same cost as a 10/40G infrastructure, while delivering a 2.5X performance improvement.

Also, since most legacy fiber cable plants work seamlessly with 25/100G speeds, it’s possible for a company to save on capital spending while keeping its legacy infrastructure running! When scaling out your data center to handle heavier workloads and an increasing amount of data, get ahead of the curve by moving to 25/100G today.

Take a look at some of the industry-leading companies that have already built 25G and 100G infrastructures using Mellanox’s end-to-end networking solutions, including Ethernet switches, network adapters and cabling.

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We are excited to work with Mellanox to integrate its world-leading interconnect technologies into our public cloud offerings, and plan to continue to scale our infrastructure product lines to meet the growing needs of our customers. Read More Tencent—a leading provider of Internet value added services in China—has adopted Mellanox’s 25G and 100G Ethernet interconnect solutions, including adapters, switches and cables, to accelerate its high-performance cloud, as well as its high-performance artificial intelligence infrastructures. Earlier in 2016, Tencent, Mellanox Technologies and IBM announced new world record-breaking performance in select data analytics categories of the TeraSort benchmark. Using Mellanox 100G Ethernet interconnect and OpenPOWER®-based server technologies, they could improve previous results by up to five times.

Take Tencent’s lead—boost the performance of your cloud, high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructures and analytics by upgrading to Mellanox 25/100G solutions. Read Less

Wang Huixing, vice president of Tencent Cloud.

Mellanox Ethernet solutions with RDMA allow us to fully leverage our Machine Learning platform and work with various machine models while saving valuable CPU cycles and associated computing costs. Read More Baidu Inc. is the leading Chinese language Internet search provider, headquartered In Beijing, China, and delivers service to individual customers and businesses alike. In 2013, Baidu established the Institute of Deep Learning, IDL, with the goal of better leveraging Machine Learning as it applies to image recognition, voice recognition and search. Baidu’s IDL relies on Spectrum™ Ethernet switches and RDMA-enabled ConnectX® 100Gb/s Ethernet adapters to leverage their Machine Learning platform while saving valuable CPU cycles and associated computing costs.

Like Baidu, upgrade to Mellanox 25/100G solutions now and accelerate your artificial intelligence applications. Read Less

Ning, system department deputy director at Baidu

This deployment demonstrates our commitment to the China market underscored by the collaboration with Alibaba Read More Alibaba Group is the world’s largest online and mobile ecommerce company, who smashed a record 168.2 billion yuan ($25.3 billion) in sales on Singles’ Day 2018. Mellanox 25G and 100G ConnectX network adapters and LinkX solutions are heavily deployed in Alibaba’s data centers, and driving the trend of China’s migration to 25 and 100G Ethernet solutions. Mellanox’s enhanced network solution boosts the performance of Alibaba’s cloud infrastructure, improving efficiency and business value for Alibaba’s customers.

Model yourself after Alibaba - migrate with Mellanox 25/100G solutions and expand your business potential. Read Less

Amir Prescher, senior vice president of business development, Mellanox Technologies.

We are pleased to partner with Mellanox to now offer even higher performance networking as an integrated component of the HPE Synergy platform. The unmatched Ethernet switch fabric performance and latency will enable our financial, business analytics, telco, and scientific customers to improve efficiency and achieve business results faster than ever before Read More HPE recently selected Mellanox Spectrum Ethernet Switch to power HPE™ StoreFabric M-Series switches, a new family of Ethernet switches specifically optimized for storage, delivering native 25, 50, and 100G Ethernet connectivity. Together with Mellanox 25/100G ConnectX network adapters, Spectrum forms the ideal storage networking platform, delivering performance, efficiency, and storage optimizations unequaled by any other Ethernet storage fabric.

Earlier in 2017, HPE and Mellanox announced that the Mellanox Spectrum Ethernet switch would power the first HPE Synergy Switch Module, supporting native 25, 50, and 100G connectivity transforming Synergy into an unmatched business, analytics, and telco platform, that enables faster real-time data access and processing.

Follow HP’s lead - select Mellanox 25/100G solutions now and futureproof your data center with the most efficient storage network for the enterprise and cloud. Read Less

Paul Miller, vice president of marketing, HPE

The combination of Mellanox Spectrum switches and Cumulus Linux enables us to attain hyperscale infrastructure efficiencies for our 100 gigabit Ethernet generation systems and operate one of the most cutting-edge data centers in the world. Read More Medallia’s micro-service based distributed SaaS application crunches a sizeable amount of data to deliver useful insights to their customers. Mellanox's 25/100G Ethernet solution helps Medallia deliver the highest application performance with the best workload density while also capping infrastructure costs. At Medallia, 2x25G links ensure leaf-to-server connectivity while the leaf-spine architecture delivers a 100G fully non-blocking fabric. With the abundance of newly available bandwidth, many of the network bottlenecks negatively impacting network speeds simply vanished.

Like Medallia and others, upgrade to Mellanox 25/100G solutions, so you can worry less about the network and focus more on your business-critical applications.

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Thorvald Natvig, lead architect, Medallia

Mellanox’s solution has enabled iFLYTEK to build a next-generation Machine Learning center that will accelerate our application performance and provide for our future needs. Read More iFLYTEK is a key Chinese software enterprise dedicated to the research of intelligent speech and language technologies. iFLYTEK leverages Mellanox’s 25/100G Ethernet solutions to build their Machine Learning datacenter infrastructure. The combination of Mellanox's GPUDirect® technology – to accelerate GPU-based system capability – together with Mellanox 25/100G RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) technology delivers a cost effective, efficient and high-performance solution. With the Mellanox solution, iFLYTEK has achieved an amazing 97% speech recognition rate.

Like iFLYTEK, upgrade to Mellanox 25/100G solutions now and enjoy the benefits of native end-to-end RoCE support built into the infrastructure.

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Dr. Zhiguo Wang, executive vice president of iFLYTEK Research Institute

We have selected Mellanox smart 25 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit Ethernet adapters, switches and cables solutions to accelerate our artificial intelligence, big data and cloud data center, due to their leading performance, scalability, and RDMA technology. Read More is the world’s leading online and on-demand delivery platform, supporting hundreds of million mobile users and millions of merchants across more than 2,000 cities in China, and processing up to 20 million and more orders a day during peak times. Utilizing Mellanox’ world-leading solutions to accelerate its vast multi-thousand servers network for their artificial intelligence, big data analytics and cloud data centers, Meituan is able to better analyze and match user needs to merchant online offers, faster and more accurately, while lowering data center operational costs.

Follow in the footsteps of —upgrade to Mellanox 25/100G Ethernet solutions to operate your huge business across potentially thousands of distributed servers and data centers.

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Hu XiangTao, Director of Meituan Cloud Operation

Mellanox solutions are highly scalable and cost effective, allowing us to leverage the company’s best-in-class Ethernet technology that features the industry’s best bandwidth with the flexibility of the OpenStack open architecture. Read More SysEleven, a leading managed hosting provider located in Berlin, Germany, has selected the Mellanox Open Ethernet® Spectrum and Cumulus solutions to fully automate their cloud-based data center. Mellanox Open Ethernet Spectrum SN2410 and SN2700 25/50/100G Ethernet switches, as well as ConnectX®-4 Lx 25/50G Ethernet adapters and LinkX™ cables help SysEleven roll out Germany’s most advanced cloud-based data center. In addition, by including Mellanox Spectrum Ethernet switches into its fully-automated OpenStack®, cloud-based data center, SysEleven enables data centers to optimize the performance of both users and applications performance in the most cost effective and flexible manner.

Join the ranks of SysEleven by leveraging Mellanox’s best-in-class 25/100G Ethernet technology for your state-of-the-art Cloud data center

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Harald Wagener, CTO, SysEleven

Working with Mellanox to combine its extremely high-performance interconnect solutions with our leading-edge CPU ensures that we, and our customers, are able to address the most demanding datacenter needs. Read More Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., recently released their Arm®-based Qualcomm Centriq™ 2400 platforms based on the world's first 10nm server processor. Qualcomm’s solution relies on Mellanox 25G and 100G ConnectX-5 network adapters to boost performance and deliver flexible compute and for the scalability requirements of next-generation data center infrastructures. The combination of the Qualcomm Centriq™ 2400 processor and Mellanox ConnectX-5 interconnect enables innovative topologies and compute models that facilitate cloud, high performance computing, telco and other market applications.

Like Qualcomm, unleash the best performance from your server and storage endpoints by updating to Mellanox 25/100G interconnect solutions. Read Less

Anand Chandrasekher, senior vice president, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

The combination of EPYC, with its leading I/O capability, coupled with Mellanox interconnect technology has enabled our partners and users to maximize the new capabilities of our platform to achieve highest performance and efficiency on modern workloads. Read More Mellanox 25/50/100G provide the ideal networking solutions for connecting AMD EPYC data center CPUs and delivering the highest return on investment (ROI), for Cloud, Web2.0, Big Data, Machine Learning, storage and high-performance computing infrastructures. The fully integrated AMD-Mellanox solution brings together best-in-breed technologies, delivering the industry’s most reliable out-of-box box experience and world-leading performance for a broad set of applications.

Harness the power of innovation and intelligence – let the joint AMD-Mellanox 100G interconnect solution boost the performance of your data center compute and storage infrastructure. Read Less

Scott Aylor, CVP and GM at AMD Enterprise Solutions

The combination of EPYC, with its leading I/O capability, coupled with Mellanox interconnect technology has enabled our partners and users to maximize the new capabilities of our platform to achieve highest performance and efficiency on modern workloads. Read More Mellanox Ethernet solutions enables the highest data speeds, at lowest latency, to provide Check Point with the tools to best secure world leading data centers. Read Less

Alon Kantor, vice president of business development at Check Point Software
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