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Mellanox's comprehensive suite of management software provides an innovative application-centric approach to bridge the gap between servers, applications and fabric elements. Mellanox's management solution allows users to manage small to extremely large fabrics as a set of inter-related business entities and enables fabric monitoring and performance optimization at the application-logical level rather than merely at the individual port or device level.

All Mellanox's managed switches include the advanced embedded Mellanox Operating System (MLNX-OS) or FabricIT management software providing an embedded Subnet Manager (supporting up to 648 nodes) and chassis management through CLI/WebUI/SNMP and XML (REST) interfaces.

All switches can be further enhanced using Mellanox's Unified Fabric Manager (UFM) packages including fabric diagnostics, monitoring, provisioning and advanced features such as Congestion Manager and server virtualization support.

Unified Fabric Manager™ Software for Data Center Management

Mellanox's Unified Fabric Manager (UFM is a powerful platform for managing scale-out Ethernet computing environments. UFM enables data center operators to efficiently provision, monitor and operate the modern data center fabric.

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Messaging Accelerator (VMA)

Mellanox's Messaging Accelerator (VMA) boosts performance for message-based and streaming applications such as those found in financial services market data environments and Web 2.0 clusters. The result is a reduction in latency by as much as 67% and an increase in application throughput by as much as 200% per server as compared to applications running on standard Ethernet interconnect networks.

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Unstructured Data Accelerator (UDA)

Mellanox UDA, a software plugin, accelerates Hadoop application and improves the scaling of Hadoop clusters. A novel data moving protocol which uses RDMA in combination with an efficient merge-sort algorithm enables Hadoop clusters based on Mellanox 10GbE RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) NICs to efficiently move data between servers accelerating the Hadoop framework. It is the first data access solution to tackle Hadoop node and compute issues from a cluster perspective by leveraging a RoCE-based offloads. UDA is transparent to Hadoop users and current applications will run as is. Cluster administrators need only be aware of UDA in order to configure the cluster to leverage UDA advantages, while users can focus on Hadoop benefits.

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Storage Accelerator

Mellanox's Storage Accelerator software is a highly scalable, high performance, low-latency software solution for tier-one storage and gateways that provides ultra-fast remote block storage access and accelerates access to SAN, DAS, or Flash based storage.