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Hardware Design Review Services

Service Overview

The Hardware Design Review Service aims to take the heavy hardware ‘lifting’ off your shoulder and hand it over to Mellanox hardware experts. Dedicated and highly experienced Mellanox experts will fully support and assist with your deployment design of Mellanox hardware products, to reach the most utilized and optimal hardware implementation on all levels. The Hardware Design review Service packages come to accelerate the design as well as to implement and bring-up the HW products. The dedicated support team will provide you with all the required documentation regarding designing your HW products using cutting-edge interconnect technology over standard PCB fabrication technologies, to successfully achieve the ideal design on the first cycle, and to eliminate the need for PCB re-design.

Service Benefits

The Service Package Components

Procedure Overview

Once you share your design with us, our experts will closely review and share their insights with you. After the review, we will provide you with detailed guidelines to achieve cutting-edge interconnect technology over standard PCB fabrication technologies. We will also provide reference design, datasheet, application notes and other relevant documents to enable a fast and efficient progress towards the market in terms of hardware validation and PCB design.