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Oded Paz, Senior Technology Instructor

OdedOded is one of the leading names in Mellanox InfinBand & Ethernet Technical Instructing, with over than 20 years of profound experience in technical instructing and training. Oded’s admirable interpersonal skills, seniority and rich technical knowledge, have made him one of the most experienced and demanded instructors for Mellanox onsite and virtual trainings held worldwide. Oded has a B.A in Practical Engineering, and is extremely knowledgeable in IP networking, VoIP, UMTS & CDMA cellular technology, optical transmission networks, data protocols and more. Equipped with large toolbox of technologies and a passion for training and coaching, Oded has been holding virtual and onsite InfiniBand & Ethernet trainings for Mellanox customers and partners since 2010, leaving a legacy of happy customers with well-rounded knowledge in Mellanox InfiniBand & Ethernet world. When Oded is not training, he enjoys hiking and nature.