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“Manage the Unmanaged” Tool

Target Audience

Mellanox customers and partners who use unmanaged FDR and EDR switches.

The Unmanaged Switch management service

The Mellanox product portfolio includes both managed and unmanaged switches. Managed switches give you more control over your LAN traffic and offer advanced features to control that traffic. Unmanaged switches simply allow Ethernet devices to communicate one with the other. They are shipped with a fixed configuration and do not allow any changes to this configuration.

Managed switches provide all the features of an unmanaged switch on top of the ability to configure, manage, and monitor your network. Such ability gives you greater control over how data travels over the network and who has access to it. In addition, managed switches use protocols such as the Simple Network Management Protocol, or what we call SNMP, for monitoring the devices on the network. SNMP is a protocol that facilitates the exchange of management information between network devices. SNMP queries can determine the health of the network or the status of a particular device.

Mellanox’s new service enables you to monitor your unmanaged switches.

Mellanox unmanaged switches are plug and play out of the box and don’t come with a management CPU, which makes it challenging to monitor the switches’ activity and status. Manage-the-unmanaged service provides the ability to retrieve hardware information from managed/unmanaged InfiniBand SX and EDR switches.


Unmanaged switch monitoring Information

Payment model

The tool is license based (one time)

Manage the unmanaged switches
WW part number GPS-MNG-UNMGM-1
Format License, per switch
Geographical Availability Worldwide

For more information about availability, pre-requisites and pricing, contact Mellanox Services department at services-sales@mellanox.com.