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Australia’s Monash University chooses Mellanox for end-to-end 100G OpenStack cloud

Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ: MLNX) says it has supplied its CloudX platform based on the company’s Spectrum SN2700 Open Ethernet switches, ConnectX-4 NICs, and LinkX cables to Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. The university has used the technology to create what Mellanox asserts is the world’s first 100-Gbps end-to-end OpenStack cloud.

Monash University has taken an evolutionary approach to the network, which it has dubbed Research @ Cloud Monash (R@CMon). The university began with an Ethernet fabric built on Mellanox’s 56GbE SwitchX-2 and CloudX technology. It is now expanding R@CMon to support additional high-performance computing (HPC) and high-throughput computing (HTC) applications, as well as a general increase in bandwidth and compute demands.

“We are extremely pleased with our current cloud fabric based on Mellanox CloudX. Therefore we are continuing our partnership with Mellanox to incorporate their 100-Gbps end-to-end interconnect into R@CMon,” said Blair Bethwaite, senior cloud architect at the Monash eResearch Centre. “On top of R@CMon, we’ve established numerous ‘Virtual Laboratories’ for data-intensive characterization and analysis. They are virtual desktops and Docker-based tools that are already linked up to the data sources and the computing resources. They are becoming the standard operating environment for the modern-day researcher to support general purpose HPC and HTC (including GPGPU capabilities and Hadoop), interactive visualization, and analysis.”

“Our researchers are building the 21st century equivalent of microscopes to inspect and make sense of large amounts of data to derive insights, and our cloud-based eResearch platform must be able to support their initiatives in every possible way. Whether it be accelerating next-generation sequencing to the clinic or making our cities smarter and more energy efficient — we need a mixture of scale, speed, and flexible integration in our computing,” added Steve Quenette, deputy director of the Monash eResearch Centre. “In addition, as Big Data becomes increasingly prevalent in research, business, and society, the experience we gather from building cutting-edge, high-performance cloud infrastructure can provide invaluable guidance to the rest of the world.”

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