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Mellanox is driven to leverage our networking solutions to improve the human condition and our planet. From the Earth and Planetary Sciences, Human Disease and Health, to Entertainment and beyond, we will be taking a journey to discover the technologies behind the progress and advancements in these disciplines.
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How Artificial Intelligence is
Revolutionizing Personalized Medicine

AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are changing healthcare as we know it. The advancements made in AI will revolutionize research and, ultimately, personalized medicine. The University of Tokyo reported that Watson, IBM’s cognitive supercomputer, correctly diagnosed a rare form of leukemia in a 60-year-old woman.

After examining 20 million cancer research papers in 10 minutes, Watson correctly determined the actual disease and recommended a personalized treatment plan.

University of Alaska and Mellanox take HPC Climate Research by Storm
Untangling Mysteries of the Human Genome: Key to Customized Patient Care

The field of human genomics research is increasingly active. The aim is to create a new genomic medicine service, offering patients a diagnosis where there wasn’t one before, and to create more informed national health policies than benefit society. Understanding the genetic basis behind human disease is one of the most important reasons for studying the human genome. While many genetic disorders are not yet treatable, early diagnosis can help improve the quality of life or even extend the lifespan of patients.

University of Alaska and Mellanox take HPC Climate Research by Storm
Quest for the Cure, Medical Advancements
with Mellanox Solutions

In the time that it takes me to write this blog, a scant hour, another 30 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, the perfect time to introduce a new topic to Our Interconnected Planet.

We’ve been focusing on how Mellanox solutions impact research in earth and planetary sciences and are adding medical and health, taking our journey into the realm of medical research and health advancements that improve the human condition, all with the help of Mellanox solutions.

Fueling Science and Research through Machine Perception and Mellanox

Machines are pushing boundaries of human level performance across the entire spectrum of perceptions and have an ability to surpass even human levels of achievement. Computers have the ability to harness a powerful array of perceptive powers. We’ve already seen that great progress has been made in the ability of computers to harness image recognition, speech analysis, and other perceptive capabilities. Improvements have been staggering and the pace is sure to continue at an exponential rate over the next decade.

Global Warming Down Under, NCI Seeks to Save the Great Barrier Reef

Using Mellanox’s high-performance computing resources at NCI, researchers reported that if the global average surface temperatures increase just 1.5°C above pre-industrial conditions, then a repeat of the coral bleaching that severely damaged the Great Barrier Reef earlier this year would become more than twice as likely.

Scientific modeling results from NCI also revealed that if the world heats up by just 2°C more than the pre-industrial world, it nearly tripled the odds of another mass bleaching event.

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