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The Future of Romance is Anything but Artificial

Romance is big business. In 2017, spending for Valentine’s Day topped $18.2B. Global revenues from on-line dating is expected to top more than $1.3B in 2018. The most successful on-line dating services use detailed profiles, proprietary matching algorithms and a closely managed communications process to help find Mr. or Ms. Right. On-line dating sites are a combo of data mining, Big Data, and AI brewing up a mix of business intel, psychological profiling, matching algorithms and a variety of communications tech.

Lace Up Your Skates: ‘18 Olympics + Networking Tech = Immersive Experience

South Korea is hosting the 23rd Winter Olympics with big hopes and even bigger technology to provide immersive viewer experiences from high-definition monitors dangling from the ceiling like shards of ice and snow appearing to cascade inside the studio, countless drones, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and 360-degree video platforms -- all slated to take the Olympic viewer experience to new heights. Technology use will allow home viewers for the first time to view as if they had a front row seat.

How Network Technology is Reshaping the Playing Field

Already Super Bowl LII is looming large on the screens and in the hearts of football fans. And while many are immersing themselves in the seemingly endless festivities, technology is radically altering the playing field. With accelerated technology development in broadcasting, high fidelity video playback, virtual or augmented reality and live data analytics, NFL games have been touched in every aspect. Fans are now moving to an era of augmented, 3D, 360-degree football experience.

In Tune with Technology: Music and Mellanox Networking Solutions

Music continues to make strides in how it is consumed and produced, many of these advancements have been made possible by innovation direct from the networking industry. More and more music is being consumed well beyond your typical MTV format. Tech has enabled music to proliferate everywhere. Digital formats have dominated the recording industry and allowed our portable mp3s, mobile phones and wearable devices to take our favorite music and even stream our audio content from anywhere in the world in real time.

Cord-Cutting and HDR Drive Hollywood to Setup Shop in the Data Center

Cord-cutting for consumers means moving to streaming video services. From management and distribution of digital content, to development in post-production, the rapid evolution of the entertainment industry is being driven primarily by next-gen IP-based network solutions. OTT streaming services are tapping into the latest in data center technologies and a revolutionary new model is driving innovations in the traditional broadcast production arena.

The Cost of Keeping Up: Overcoming Entertainment’s Technology Catch-22

The late 1990’s represented a tipping point for the entertainment industry. High-definition television and the standardization on DVDs set into motion exponential growth in video file sizes — a cycle that continues to this day. The amount of data being created, edited and rendered in the entertainment industry is exploding. It’s tripling or even quadrupling in volume according to Filmlance, an award-winning indie film production company based in Sweden with over 100 titles under its belt.

The Shift to 4K Starts With Mellanox

As the entertainment and media industry continues to grow, M&E professionals and customers – pretty much most of us – are scrambling to deal with ultra-high definition (UHD) video at 4K and 8K resolutions which is but one element of Ultra High Definition media. For live broadcasting, content distribution and post production alike, Mellanox’s leading IP-based technologies enrich the video experience by bringing the audience and content closer together.

How Mellanox Helped Earth Sciences, Medical Research and More

“Our Interconnected Planet,” launched in July 2017 and has already taken us many places. We traveled everywhere; from the frigid ice shelfs of Antarctica and the even colder far reaches of outer space, to considerably warmer waters of the Great Barrier Reef. We pondered proof of life outside of earth – with the aid of AI – and pushed the boundaries in multiple scientific disciplines ranging from turbulence and climate change to finding a cure for cancer and rare diseases.

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