The Open Compute Project

Founded by Facebook in 2011, the Open Compute Project, provides specifications for building energy-efficient and scalable high-performance Web 2.0 data centers. The results of these efforts are next-generation computing infrastructure designed and built from ground up that are up to 24% less expensive and 38% more energy efficient than traditional datacenters. Mellanox, a leading contributor in the OCP, addresses the demanding needs of these newer data centers by providing an Open Composable Network for end-to-end network fabric with unmatched features for open architecture and proven, reliable performance at 10/25 and 40/50/100Gbps.

Maximizing Productivity with Highest Return on Investment
There are two possible options when it comes to network processing: consume expensive CPU resources to run sophisticated network protocol (Onload), or offload these tasks to an intelligent network adapter and allow the CPU to focus on application processing. With Mellanox the choice becomes clear: Offloading beats onloading in improving application efficiency and reducing CAPEX and OPEX of the datacenter. Mellanox adapters are the default choice in several OCP platforms including Facebook Yosemite, Leopard and OpenPower-based Rackspace Barreleye. Furthermore, Mellanox switches feature consistent, low-latency and zero-packet loss delivering cloud scale efficiency and highest ROI for storage and computing infrastructure.

Unleashing Innovation with Disaggregation Technology
Mellanox Multi-HostTM technology enables connecting multiple compute or storage hosts into a single interconnect adapter, while keeping each host completely independent from the others with dedicated Quality of Service (QoS) and host management channels. It enables designing and building new scale-out heterogeneous compute and storage racks with direct connectivity between compute elements, storage elements and the network. This innovative technology enables disaggregated server platforms like Yosemite that powers Facebook’s front-end servers with highest energy efficiency. Multi-Host also supports a heterogeneous data center architecture; hosts connected to the single adapter can be x86, Power, ARM, GPU and FPGA, thereby removing any bottleneck in data transfer across these compute elements.

Enabling Open Platform with Cloud-scale Agility
For years, networking vendors have locked down their proprietary platforms, providing little to no flexibility to the application. Freedom from vendor lock-in is central to achieving innovation at the pace of Cloud-Scale IT, especially in Web2.0 and Telco infrastructure. Mellanox Open-Ethernet Spectrum platforms enable customers to independently choose the best hardware and the best software with support for multiple Network OS options including Microsoft SONiC, Cumulus Linux, Metaswitch and Mellanox’s own MLNX-OS. This brings efficiency at every level and customers benefit by achieving flexibility and choice. Mellanox has also made significant contributions to the Open Compute Project for end-to-end network fabrics.