M4001 - 16-port 40Gb/s and 56Gb/s InfiniBand Blade Switch

The M4001F 56Gb/s FDR and M4001Q 40Gb/s QDR InfiniBand Blade Switch I/O Module for Dell PowerEdge M-Series provides a high bandwidth, low latency fabric for Enterprise Data Center and High-Performance Computing environments. Based on the fifth generation SwitchX®InfiniBand switch device, the I/O module delivers up to 56Gb/s full bisectional bandwidth per port. Faster servers based on PCIe 3.0, combined with high-performance storage and applications that use increasingly complex computation, are causing data bandwidth requirements to spiral upward. HPC, EDC and storage environments will need every last bit of bandwidth delivered by Mellanox's next generation of 40Gb/s QDR and 56Gb/s FDR InfiniBand high-speed smart switches.
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M1601P - 10GbE PassThrough Module

Transparently connect Dell M-Series blade servers into the Local Area Network (LAN) of your choice. Choose between two models of Pass Through based on your selection of 10Gb NIC or CNA.

The Mellanox PhyX-based M1601P 10GbE Pass Through Module for PowerEdge M-Series provides high bandwidth, low latency connectivity for blade servers individually connecting them to SFP+ external Ethernet ports. Based on the very high density 10Gb/s Ethernet physical layer device, PhyX, the Pass Through Module delivers up to sixteen 10GBASE-KX4 (XAUI) or 10GBASE-KR backplane ports and sixteen ports of SFP+ 10Gbp/s external Ethernet ports in one I/O module. Each server facing port has its own dedicated external port.

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