Why Mellanox 25/100GbE?

Mellanox continues its leadership in providing high-performance networking technologies by delivering superior utilization and scaling in ConnectX®-5 EN 10/40/56/100GbE Adapters, enabling data centers to do more with less.

Industry-leading throughput and latency performance

Ethernet Market Applications

Why InfiniBand?

High Performance Computing needs high bandwidth, low latency, and CPU offloads to get the highest server efficiency and application productivity. Mellanox HCAs deliver the highest bandwidth and lowest latency of any standard interconnect enabling CPU efficiencies of greater than 95%. Data centers and cloud computing require I/O services such as bandwidth, consolidation and unification, and flexibility. Mellanox's HCAs support LAN and SAN traffic consolidation and provides hardware acceleration for server virtualization.

InfiniBand Market Applications