Integrate Open Source Cloud Solutions

Mellanox OpenStack and SDN Benefits

OpenStack is a widely adopted Open Source cloud operating system, allowing central management and provisioning of compute, networking, and storage resources. OpenStack enable open, cost effective and scalable private/public clouds.

Mellanox's OpenStack solution offloads the orchestration platform from the management of individual networking elements, with the end-goal of simplifying operations of large-scale, complex infrastructures. The hardware-based security and isolation features can enable wider adoption of multi-tenant clouds while maintaining user service level agreements (SLA).

Mellanox is the first company to incorporate the OpenFlow open source agent on its adapter card to enable full support of OpenFlow 1.0.

Mellanox is enabling optimized cloud and OpenStack solutions that are:

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Mellanox OpenStack Solution

Mellanox Technologies offers seamless integration between its products and OpenStack layers and provides unique functionality that includes application and storage acceleration, network provisioning, automation, hardware-based security and isolation.

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Mellanox and Red Hat OpenStack Solution

Mellanox is a certified hardware vendor for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. By using Mellanox Hardware and plugins with the new Red Hat solution, customers will benefit from superior performance and native integration with Neutron which includes hardware-based security, and isolation.
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OpenStack Mellanox Neutron Plugin

Mellanox supports the OpenStack Folsom release with open source networking components through Neutron. It delivers higher compute and storage performance and additional functionality, such as NIC based switching, to provide better security and isolation for virtual cloud environments.

Storage - iSER (iSCSI over RDMA) support to Cinder

Mellanox provides an OpenStack Storage (Cinder) plug-in that enables running storage volume traffic over native RDMA transport, providing 5X faster throughput over standard TCP/IP, while significantly increasing infrastructure efficiency by using less CPU resources.