LinkX™ Cables and Transceivers

LinkX innovative interconnect solutions provide better ROI for data center networks

Supporting data rates up to 56Gb/s
Mellanox cables are a cost-effective solution for connecting high bandwidth fabrics, extending the benefits of Mellanox's high-performance InfiniBand and 10/40/56GbE adapters throughout the network. In addition to meeting or exceeding IBTA and IEEE standards, Mellanox Certified cables are tested on Mellanox equipment to ensure optimal signal integrity and the best end-to-end performance. With Mellanox cables you will experience trouble-free installation and long-term operation.

Mellanox offers a variety of interconnect products that include:

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  1. Mellanox guaranties this cable / module functionality only in a Mellanox End-to-End solution, for any other vendor's equipment, please consult your vendor on his ability to support this cable / module.
  2. Please verify the equipment attached to this cable can support any transceiver SPROM code.
  3. MSX6036/MSX6025 – ports 13-24 only; MSX6018/MSX6015 – ports 7-12 only; MSX6012/MS6005 - ports 3-10 only
  4. Supported with the following SW/FW revisions or later: MLNX-OS 3.3.4100; SwitchX FW 9.2.4001; ConnectX-3 FW 2.30.3000
  5. Supports topologies of a switch connected to up to 4 adapters (not supported by ConnectX-3 or earlier adapter generations). Require special Switch configuration. For more information, refer to the UM of the relevant Switch.
  6. Use with MetroX MTX6XX0 long haul ports of the platforms and SX1012/SX6012 12 ports Switch
  7. Supported with the following SW/FW revisions or later: ConnectX®-3 FW: 2.30.3000, ConnectX®-2 FW: 2.9.1200, SwitchX® FW: 9.2.4340, SwitchX® MLNX-OS: 3.3.4100, InfiniScale® IV FW: 7.4.2310, Tools: MFT 3.1.0-1
  8. Not available in stock, based on SO only, long LT item
  9. Supports Switch to Switch topologies only
  10. Cable with colored pull-tab
  11. Product may not be imported to, sold for importation to, or marketed in the USA except for sale and importation to the US government or for the US government with their authorization and consent and to certain licensed entities.
  12. Cable with colored jackets.