Unleash the Performance of the Cloud with CloudX™!

Mellanox CloudX™ is a group of reference architectures that allows companies to build the most efficient, high performance and scalable clouds based on Mellanox superior interconnect and off-the-shelf building blocks (servers, storage, interconnect, and software) It incorporates virtualization with high-bandwidth and low-latency interconnect solutions while significantly reducing data center costs, providing the fastest data transfer and most effective hardware utilization.

The Mellanox Solution

  • CloudX addresses the need for fast data analysis/fast data storage access.
    The solution is composed of a variety of 10Gb-100Gb products, allowing the use of fewer network elements, higher capacity, simpler networks, and reduced IT overhead costs
  • Acceleration: < 1 microsecond application latency, remote direct memory access (RDMA) between servers and storage, allowing bare metal performance.
  • Virtualization: Supports virtualized overlay networks without compromising high performance, using integrated reduction technology (SR-IOV).
  • Convergence:¬†One interconnect for compute, storage, and networking.

Key Mellanox Advantages

  • Improved ROI: enabling the cloud infrastructure to run more VMs and to serve more end-users and applications through the same servers.
  • Convergence: save money by using less rack space, fewer parts, fewer cables, and by simplifying management.
  • Innovative embedded management: using seamless implementation through common cloud distributors.
  • Open Community player.
  • Performance: a scalable, low latency solution featuring a reduced number of VMs.