Cloud Solutions

For IT service providers, making a decision about the best way to build their private or public clouds is not an easy one. A critical element in any cloud solution stems from concerns over complexity, performance, and scalability.

Mellanox 40GbE and FDR 56Gb/s adapter, switch and SW solutions, coupled with the top management tools available today have made significant progress in all three of these key areas. The alleviation of these concerns will ease adoption, all while providing a more efficient cloud infrastructure and higher return on investment.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 4
Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) open-source solution for building and deploying cloud-enabled workloads.

Mellanox is a certified hardware vendor for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform for both InfiniBand and Ethernet products. By using Mellanox hardware and plugins with the new Red Hat solution, customers will benefit from superior performance and native integration with Neutron which includes hardware-based security and isolation.
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Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
Mellanox and RHEV joint solution enable a high-performance and efficient cloud infrastructure. Performance, application service levels, security, and usability do not need to be compromised any longer while users still benefit from the most cost effective cloud infrastructure.

New collaboration of Mellanox and Eucalyptus forum a new powerful, flexible private and hybrid clouds using Eucalyptus' software platform and Mellanox 40GbE and InfiniBand interconnects, to provide enterprises an easy out-of-the-box installation experience while gaining a high-performance, affordable cloud solution.

Mellanox Technologies offers seamless integration between its products and OpenStack layers and provides unique functionality that includes application and storage acceleration, network provisioning, automation, hardware-based security, and isolation.

PlumGrid and Mellanox teamed up to deliver the fastest cloud networking solution to enable customers to build rich, fast, efficient and scalable OpenStack solutions. It is the architecture of choice, combining rich, scalable on-demand multi-tenant network services from PlumGrid with powerful hardware acceleration from Mellanox. The result is the lowest CPU utilization and highest throughput in the industry for large-scale public and private clouds.

Mellanox is a certified interconnect vendor for Mirantis. With integration of Mellanox's plugins and drivers along with Mirantis Fuel OpenStack distribution, technology driven organizations can get help with building and deploying apps on the cloud faster, and get the best performance/ROI from their cloud network, compute and storage gear.
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