CloudX Solutions

For IT service providers, making a decision about the best way to build their private or public clouds is not an easy one. A critical element in any cloud solution stems from concerns over complexity, performance, and scalability.

Mellanox 40GbE and FDR 56Gb/s adapter, switch and SW solutions, coupled with the top management tools available today have made significant progress in all three of these key areas. The alleviation of these concerns will ease adoption, all while providing a more efficient cloud infrastructure and higher return on investment.

CloudX provides:
  • Off-the-shelf components of servers, storage, interconnect and software
  • OpenCloud architecture: based on open platform and ability to choose open source (Open Stack) or commercial software
  • Highest speed interconnect of 40/56Gb/s for fastest data transfer: InfiniBand and Ethernet
  • Solid State Drives (SSD) for fastest storage
  • User friendly access and management
  • The ability to install any software on an efficient cloud hardware platform

White Papers

White Paper Synopsis
Introduction to Cloud Design

Cloud computing is a collection of technologies and practices used to abstract the provisioning and management of computer hardware. The goal is to simplify the users experience so they can get the benefit of compute resources on demand; or in the language of cloud computing "as a service".
Achieving a High-Performance Virtual Network Infrastructure with PLUMgrid & Mellanox
(May 2014)
PLUMgrid OpenStack Networking Suite 3.0 with Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro provides a solution which allows you to enjoy the automation and flexibility of a VNI solution at wirespeed traffic processing rates. The performance benchmarking results of this whitepaper substantiate that the right VNI and NIC architectures can ensure that networking performance remains uncompromised as the number of tenants and workloads increase in your cloud.
Solving I/O Bottlenecks to Enable Superior Cloud Efficiency
(July 2012)
In today's virtualized data center, I/O is the key bottleneck leading to degraded application performance and poor service levels. Furthermore, infrastructure consolidation and a cloud model mandate that I/O and network resources be partitioned, secured, and automated. Mellanox products and solutions enable high-performance and an efficient cloud infrastructure. With Mellanox, users do not need to compromise their performance, application service level, security, or usability in virtualized environments. Mellanox provides the most cost effective cloud infrastructure.
Building High Performance Storage for Hyper-V Cluster on Scale-Out File Servers over IB
(October 2014)

Reference Architecture

Reference Architecture Synopsis
Mellanox OpenStack Solution Reference Architecture
(April 2013)
Mellanox Technologies offers seamless integration between its products and OpenStack layers and provides unique functionality that includes application and storage acceleration, network provisioning, automation, hardware-based security, and isolation. Furthermore, using Mellanox interconnect products allows cloud providers to save significant capital and operational expenses through network and I/O consolidation and by increasing the number of virtual machines (VMs) per server.
Mellanox Reference Architecture for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 4.0
(March 2014)
Red Hat built an industry leading certification program for their OpenStack platform. By achieving this technology certification, vendors can assure customers that their solutions have been validated with Red Hat OpenStack technology. Mellanox is the first InfiniBand and Ethernet adapter vendor to be listed on the Red Hat Certified Solution Marketplace, a directory of technologies and products which have been certified by Red Hat and are designed to optimize all offerings that include Red Hat OpenStack. Mellanox is listed in the Red Hat marketplace as a certified Hardware partner for Networking (Neutron) and Block Storage (Cinder) services. This ensures that Mellanox ConnectX-3 InfiniBand and Ethernet adapter was tested, certified, and now supported with Red Hat OpenStack technology.

Solution Brief

Solution Brief Synopsis
Mellanox Interconnect Infrastructure with Eucalyptus Software
(May 2012)
The Mellanox and Eucalyptus joint solution provides a robust and affordable cloud solution that leverages your investment in any cloud infrastructure design. Mellanox's flexible, energy-efficient server and storage interconnect solution, coupled with Eucalyptus’ software solution, can help you overcome your primary business challenges.
Oracle Compute and Storage Clouds Enabled by Mellanox InfiniBand Solutions
(October 2012)
RHEV and Mellanox Joint Solution
(May 2012)
Mellanox ConnectX® adapters and Mellanox SwitchX® based switches provide a high degree of traffic isolation in hardware, allowing true fabric convergence without compromising service quality and without consuming additional CPU cycles for I/O processing. Mellanox's solution provides end–to-end traffic and congestion isolation for fabric partitions, and granular control of allocated fabric resources.

Case Study

Case Study Synopsis
Establishing a High-Performance Cloud With Mellanox 56Gb Ethernet Solutions
(October 2014)
By implementing Mellanox’s end-to-end Ethernet solution, NCI has shown significant gains in performance, scalability, and manageability. Benchmarking tests of the cloud have shown remarkable results and demonstrated the best IOPS and bandwidth results of all cloud settings/