Design automation systems reduce risks and speed time to market by enabling engineers to collect vital information about how products will perform. EDA simulations often involve 3D modeling, fluid dynamics, and other compute-intensive processes that require high-performance computing (HPC) data center solutions.

HPC data centers now include clusters of multi-core, multi-processor servers and high-speed, high-capacity storage systems. In these environments, moving data rapidly among servers and from servers to storage and back is a crucial element in delivering the highest performance and productivity. Mellanox® InfiniBand products maximize data center performance and productivity by delivering industry-leading bandwidth and the lowest available latency.

The Mellanox® Solution

Mellanox I/O adapters, switches, cables, and gateways enable data center managers to gain maximum leverage from server and storage investments by delivering up to 56Gb/s of reliable, lossless connectivity with less than one microsecond of latency. With this level of performance, models and simulations can be processed at top speed to ensure that design engineers have minimal wait times.

For IT managers, Mellanox solutions reduce costs by slashing the number of required I/O adapters, reducing management overhead by simplifying the infrastructure, and cutting power consumption. Using Mellanox BridgeX gateway products, IT managers can consolidate storage and server traffic on a single unified fabric to further reduce costs, complexity, and power requirements.

Key Mellanox Advantages

  • The world’s fastest interconnect, supporting up to 56Gb/s
  • Latency as low as 1 microsecond
  • Lossless packet transmission
  • Converged data center fabric reduces costs and power requirements

Solution Components

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