Fabric Inspector

Plug-In fabric diagnostics solution

Fabric Inspector is a switch based software Plug-In that enhances Mellanox's Operating System (MLNX-OS™) management software with fabric diagnostic capabilities to ensure fabric health. Cluster management software must provide tools to help a Network Administrator bring up the network and optimize performance. Fabric Inspector includes a complete set of tools for fabric wide diagnostics to check node-node and node-switch connectivity and to verify routes within the fabric.

Simplicity and Ease of Management

Fabric Inspector is a plug & play software module within Mellanox Operating System (MLNX-OS) displaying and filtering all identified systems and nodes within the fabric (adapters, switches). The display can be done according to activity status, port type (HCA, switch or management) or port rate (link speed or link width). Moreover, Fabric Inspector helps assigning meaningful names to GUID's enabling externally managed systems management.

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