Financial & Trading

IT departments in financial capital markets are facing huge growth in the volume of market data, while they are also under pressure to improve trade execution times. In these environments, one extra millisecond of trade execution latency can mean as much as $100 million in lost trades per year. As these data centers move to multi-core, multi-processor servers and high-speed storage systems, IT managers should make sure that the connections among servers and between servers and storage are not creating a bottleneck that impedes optimum trade execution performance.

To ensure maximum usage of expensive server and storage investments, financial services data centers must deploy I/O and networking solutions that scale to support any level of performance, With the highest available bandwidth and the lowest latency, Mellanox® adapters, switches and gateways leverage the most advanced available technologies and enable the highest server and storage networking efficiency and performance for data centers.

Mellanox's solutions for financial services repeatedly demonstrate lower application latency, higher application throughput, and higher scalability in benchmark testing. While Mellanox offers solutions for both InfiniBand and 10GigE, InfiniBand continues to deliver the lowest latencies - as much as 30% lower than Ethernet-based solutions.

The Mellanox Solution

Mellanox offers the lowest latency networking solutions for high frequency trading with its unique end-to-end solution (adapters, switching platforms and software), leveraging both InfiniBand and 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet technologies. As a pioneer in the field of high frequency trading networking, Mellanox has deployed its solutions at a large array of investment banks, hedge funds and exchanges. These solutions have been certified and deployed with the leading software providers in this industry.

Key Mellanox Advantages

  • Ultra-low application latency of as low as 1.0 microseconds for InfiniBand and 1.3 microseconds for 10/40GbE
  • Ultra-low switching latency of less than 100 nanoseconds for InfiniBand and less than 270 and 240 nanoseconds for 10 and 40GbE
  • Extremely high packet per second rate of up to 3 million PPS for InfiniBand and 2.5 million PPS for 10GigE
  • Sustaining growing market data rates
  • Seamless Ethernet IP multicast connectivity using standard commodity servers
  • No application code changes required and fully compatible with Linux socket API
  • Direct L3 connectivity to the Exchange/WAN
  • Low jitter minimizing maximum and average latencies
  • Cost effective optimized products for co-location environments