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Updating Firmware for ConnectX®-3 Pro VPI PCI Express Adapter Cards (InfiniBand, Ethernet, FCoE, VPI)

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Active ConnectX-3 Pro VPI PCI Cards

ConnectX-3 Pro VPI PCI Express Network Interface Cards (NICs) Table
OPN PSID* Adapter Card/PCI DevID Firmware Image Release Notes Release Date
MCX353A-FCCT MT_1100111019

ConnectX®-3 Pro VPI adapter card, single-port QSFP, FDR IB (56Gb/s) and 40/56GbE, PCIe3.0 x8 8GT/s, tall bracket, RoHS R6

PCI DevID: 4103 Download 11-May-15
MCX354A-FCCT MT_1090111019

ConnectX®-3 Pro VPI adapter card; dual-port QSFP; FDR IB (56Gb/s) and 40GigE;PCIe3.0 x8 8GT/s;RoHS R6

PCI DevID: 4103 Download 11-May-15
  • PSID (Parameter-Set IDentification) is a 16-ascii character string embedded in the firmware image which provides a unique identification for the configuration of the firmware.
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