Updating Firmware for HP Branded Adapters

HP and Mellanox have had a successful partnership for over a decade. HP support engineers worldwide are trained on Mellanox products and handle level 1 and level 2 support calls. This enables customers to have just one number to call if support is needed. Mellanox products and HP hardware give customers the best in class products and support. The partnership between Mellanox and HP provides customers an end-to-end solution for HPC, Cloud, and Storage needs.

Please perform the procedure described below to update the firmware on your HP adapter card.

  1. Visit www.hp.com.
  2. Click Support and select Download drivers.
  3. Enter the HP saleable product name or part number in the search engine.
    [Example: 649282-B21]
  4. Select the link for the device.
  5. Choose your product's Operating System(s) from the displayed list to download the published drivers and firmware.

Note: Each posting has a completed worked example showing how to query and upgrade.