Green Computing

Green computing is achieved in various ways, such as infrastructure consolidation, lower overall solution power consumption, and optimized system utilization for various traffic patterns. It also includes embracing and adopting leading industry-based materials that are complaint with a green environment. Networking solutions, which lower the CPU overhead and increases the system utilization, have a direct impact in lowering data center utility bills.

Using higher performance networks to connect servers and storage in the data center enables the deployment of servers with a higher number of cores, thereby reducing the number of servers, switches and cables, which, in turn, significantly reduces the overall power consumption and provides a greener solution.

The Mellanox Solution

Conserving space and power – Server virtualization technology and blade servers help IT architects deliver higher performance per cubic foot of space and provide higher performance per watt of energy consumed than non-virtualized or standalone servers. Blade servers share power supplies and I/O systems to reduce energy consumption and space. Mellanox unified server and storage I/O adapters and switches support up to 56Gb/s of bandwidth, and provide the capability to run any application on top of "one wire," such as FCoE, FCoIB, RDMAoIB, or RDMAoE. By reducing the number of required adapters, Mellanox solutions provide the best price and power consumption per 1Gbps connectivity, and as such, reduce power consumption and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Efficiency – Reducing the number of unutilized or under-utilized components, and maximizing the productivity and efficiency of a data center reduces both power and cooling expenses, reducing the overall management overhead and saving real estate. Mellanox products facilitate server and storage virtualization by delivering higher connectivity speeds and by eliminating packet transmission bottlenecks. Mellanox remote direct memory access (RDMA) solutions eliminate most CPU processing for packet exchanges between servers and storage, allowing servers to direct more performance toward compute-intensive tasks.

Key Mellanox Advantages

  • 56GbE/s fabric speed to support servers (or blade servers) to storage connectivity in any configuration
  • Less than one microsecond application latency to eliminate packet transmission bottlenecks
  • Lossless transmission, ensuring that no packets are dropped and avoiding retransmissions of data
  • Multi-protocol bridging - Mellanox BridgeX gateways allow for data center fabric consolidation, unifying Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and Ethernet over a high-speed interconnect.

Solution Components

Industry's Only End-to-End InfiniBand and Ethernet Low Latency Portfolio