HPCC (High Performance Computing Cluster) Systems from LexisNexis Risk Solutions is a cluster computing platform used to solve Big Data problems. Its unique architecture and simple-yet-powerful data programming language (ECL) makes it a compelling solution to solve data-intensive computing needs.

As a result of the information explosion, many organizations now need to process and analyze massive volumes of data. These data-intensive computing requirements can be addressed by scalable systems based on hardware clusters of commodity servers coupled with system software to provide a distributed file storage system, job execution environment, online query capability, parallel application processing, and parallel programming development tools. HPCC Systems provides all of these capabilities in an integrated, easy-to-implement-and-use, open source high-performance computing environment.

HPCC Systems optimized with Mellanox InfiniBand Networking

Mellanox's complete end-to-end 56GbE/s InfiniBand solutions with Big Data-specific acceleration technologies implement the world's fastest and most robust networking solutions for a complete, high-performance infrastructure for HPCC systems. These capabilities ensure optimum application and server performance and efficiency with:

  • Up to 56Gb/s fabric speed to support servers (or blade servers) and storage connectivity in any configuration.
  • As low as one microsecond application latency, leveraging the most efficient remote direct memory access (RDMA) between servers and storage
  • RDMA-based solutions that speed transaction processing by offloading many portions of a transaction from the server CPU and operating system

Mellanox's Unified Fabric Manager (UFM) is a platform to manage scale-out Ethernet and InfiniBand computing environments. It enables data center operators to efficiently provision, monitor, and operate the modern data center fabric with high uptime and failover capabilities.

  • Lossless transmission, ensuring that no packets are dropped and avoid retransmissions of data.
  • Multi-protocol bridging - Mellanox BridgeX® gateways allow for data center fabric consolidation, unifying InfiniBand, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and Ethernet over a reliable high-speed interconnect.

Key Mellanox Advantages

  • The world's fastest interconnect, supporting up to 56GbE/s per adapter
  • The world's lowest latency, as low as 1 microsecond
  • CPU offloads with the flexibility of RDMA capabilities
  • Acceleration for higher TP/s
  • Lossless packet transmission
  • Multi-protocol bridging for unified data center fabrics
  • High-speed storage fabric manager
  • Workload-optimized network fabric manager