Integrated Switch Management Solution

MLNX-OS is a comprehensive management software solution that provides optimal performance for cluster computing, enterprise data centers, and cloud computing over Mellanox SwitchX™ Switch family. The fabric management capabilities ensure the highest fabric performance while the chassis management ensures the longest switch up time. With MLNX-OS IT managers will see a higher return on their compute as well as infrastructure investment through higher CPU productivity due to higher network throughput and availability.

Virtual Protocol Interconnect® (VPI)

VPI flexibility enables any standard networking, clustering, storage, and management protocol to seamlessly operate over any converged network leveraging a consolidated software stack. Each port can operate on InfiniBand, Ethernet, Data Center Bridging (DCB) fabrics and RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE). VPI simplifies I/O system design and makes it easier for IT managers to deploy infrastructure that meets the challenges of a dynamic data center.

Complete Ethernet Stack

MLNX-OS introduces a complete Ethernet L2 and L3 protocol stack with unicast and multicast switching and routing capabilities complemented with SDN attributes for maximizing the network's administrator control over the network resource.

Switch Chassis Management

Embedded subnet Manager (SM) and chassis management software is included with every managed switch, enabling Network Administrators to monitor and diagnose the switch hardware. With local and remote configuration and management capabilities, chassis management provides parameter information including port status with event and error logs, CPU resources, and internal temperature with alarms. The chassis manager ensures low switch maintenance and high network availability.

Ease of Management

MLNX-OS management software communication interfaces includes: CLI, GUI, SNMP and XML gateway. Licensed features can be activated via keys to enable the plug-ins.