The Open Compute Project

Founded by Facebook, the Open Compute Project (OCP), provides specifications for building energy-efficient and scalable high-performance Web 2.0 data centers. The specifications are available for download on the OCP website. Mellanox, a leading member of the OCP, contributes high-speed, efficient networking specifications and provides I/O solutions for OCP-based systems. Mellanox solutions include 10/40GbE NICs and switches. Additional specifications will be released in the near future for InfiniBand mezzanine adapters.

Maximizing Productivity and Return on Investment

Mellanox server and storage interconnect solutions maximize the server and storage efficiency by allowing the most rapid communication speeds while reducing the system power consumption and high CPU processing overhead dictated by other interconnect devices. Mellanox technology allows performance-hungry applications and virtualized environments to fully utilize CPU resources and overlap I/O communication with CPU computation cycles. Mellanox solutions increase the overall compute cluster efficiency and help bring the OCP vision into reality.ConnectX®-3 Pro OCP-based 40GbE NICs with RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) and overlay network offloads offer optimized latency and performance for converged I/O infrastructures while maintaining extremely low system power consumption.
ConnectX®-4 includes Mellanox's new Multi-Host technology, which enables connecting multiple hosts into a single interconnect adapter by separating the ConnectX®-4 PCIe interface into multiple and separate interfaces, lowering total cost of ownership in the data center by reducing CAPEX requirements from four cables, NICs, and switch ports to only one of each, and by reducing OPEX by cutting down on switch port management and overall power usage.

Innovative Technology

Mellanox's ConnectX®-4 Multi-Host provides high speed interconnect to up to four separate hosts from a single NIC with no performance degradation on any of them. Each host can be active or inactive at any time, independent of the other hosts, and receives bandwidth of its own. Bandwidth is split between the hosts, either evenly (default) or based on configurable differentiated Quality of Service (QoS), depending on the data center's needs. IT managers can remotely control the configuration and power state of each host individually, such that management of one host does not affect host traffic performance or the management of the other hosts, guaranteeing host security and isolation. Multi-Host also supports a heterogeneous data center architecture; the various hosts connected to the single adapter can be x86, Power, GPU, or ARM, thereby removing any limitations in passing data or communicating between CPUs.

Application Accelerations

Unstructured Data Accelerator (UDA) for Hadoop
The Unstructured Data Accelerator (UDA) software suite more than doubles the data processing throughput and reduces total job execution time by half per Hadoop node. It is designed to scale with larger datasets to provide similar or better performance benefits. With increased CPU efficiency per node due to lower total job execution time, clusters will increase their corresponding power efficiency for the defined configurations which directly adds to datacenter power savings and aligns with the data_center green initiative.
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Messaging Accelerator (VMA)
The Mellanox Messaging Accelerator (VMA) software suite boosts performance for message-based and streaming applications such as those found in the financial services market data environments and Web 2.0 clusters. The result is a reduction in latency by as much as 300% and an increase in application throughput by as much as 200% per server as compared to applications running on standard Ethernet or InfiniBand interconnect networks.
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RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)
RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) is a hardware integrated solution that provides an efficient data transfer with very low latencies and CPU overhead on lossless Ethernet networks. With advances in data center convergence over reliable Ethernet, Mellanox Ethernet adapters with RoCE use a proven and efficient RDMA transport to provide the platform for deploying RDMA technology in mainstream data center applications at 10GbE and 40GbE link-speed.
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