OMNeT++ InfiniBand Flit Level Simulation Model

Mellanox contributed InfiniBand simulation model is modeling the data-path of hosts and switches at the flit transfer level. This model can be used to estimate network performance under configurable hardware capabilities, timing and topologies. The models provided, do not indicate in their parameters default values nor in their code the exact capabilities or micro-architecture of Mellanox products.

The current published version available through the link: ib_flit_sim.28_07_13.tgz
The current model supports OMNeT++ version 4.2.2.

To use it you need to:

  1. Install OMNeT++ distribution from:
    Follow the directions available for download here:
  2. Download the ib_flit_sim.28_07_13.tgz
  3. Un tar the file and then cd into the created directory
    tar xvfz ib_flit_sim.28_07_13.tgz
    cd ib_flit_sim.19_03_13
  4. Make sure the OMNeT++ release bin directory is included in the LINUX search path
    Bash: export PATH=$PATH:/..../omnetpp-4.2.2/bin/
  5. Compile the model:
    make makefiles; make; make MODE=release
  6. Inspect the simulation setups available under the "examples" directory.
    For example run:
    export NEDPATH=$d/src:$d/examples
    cd $d/examples/is1_3l_32n
    $d/out/gcc-release/src/ib_flit_sim -f is1_3l_32n.ini -c OneHot
    Or without GUI:
    $d/out/gcc-release/src/ib_flit_sim -f is1_3l_32n.ini -c OneHot ľu Cmdenv

The licensing of the model is GPLv2 however the user must obtain a valid OMNeT++ user license to run the simulation.