LinkX™ Variable Optical Attenuators

Mellanox LinkX UltraVOA™ Array uses silicon photonics to deliver reliable solid-state current controlled optical attenuation enabling ultra-fast control of signal levels in optical networks. The Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) consists of reliable silicon p-i-n diode structures built across silicon optical waveguides. As current is applied through the diodes, the free carriers in each waveguide absorb photons, creating current-controlled variable attenuation.

Because the physical effect is based on electronic control, the response time of the VOA is fast— less than 1 µs in typical situations. This VOA is well suited to the most demanding applications in metro and long-haul transmission applications. The high speed of these VOAs makes them particularly useful for optical transient suppression, optical channel blocking and analog signal modulation applications.


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