InfiniBand Performance

The ever increasing demand for better performance, more efficient and higher scalable data centers drives the need for faster server and storage connectivity. Our research, product development, and competitive edge mandate the use of high throughput and low latency interconnect solutions. InfiniBand (IB) is the leading industry-standard interconnect that provides the highest bandwidth, lowest latency, low power consumption, low CPU overhead for maximizing compute systems productivity and overall return on investment.

Mellanox delivers industry-leading, cost-effective, high-performance interconnect solutions for high performance computing, mainstream grids, and enterprise data centers. Mellanox 56Gb/s FDR InfiniBand adapters and switch systems provide the required capabilities and feature set for current and future multi-core compute and storage systems, and the ability to scale to any required cluster size.

Maximizing Productivity

Mellanox's unique InfiniBand technology significantly reduces the high CPU processing overhead dictated by other high-performance interconnect solutions. Mellanox's technology allows performance-hungry applications and virtualized environments to fully utilize CPU resources and overlap I/O communication with CPU computation cycles. Moreover, it increases overall compute cluster efficiency and delivers the same world-class performance regardless of the amount of server
CPU cores.

Basic Numbers

The preferred method for selecting the best interconnect is to test the target applications. For this end, Mellanox has facilitated the testing of its solutions via the Compute Cluster Center operated by the HPC Advisory Council.

Latency and bandwidth are the two most common performance parameters used in comparing between interconnects. Mellanox adapters are designed to provide the best performance and price/performance connectivity solution for clusters and storage: more than 12GB/s uni-directional bandwidth per port and less than 1 micro second between server or storage nodes, and low CPU overhead of less than 5%.

The latency of Mellanox's interconnect solutions is 40% to 12X lower when compared to other server and storage interconnect solutions. Together with the extremely low CPU overhead, Mellanox interconnect solutions enable the highest server and storage performance and efficiency, and deliver highest scalability for the world’s most demanding performance applications.

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  Mellanox 56Gb/s FDR IB Intel 40Gb/s QDR IB Intel 10GbE NetEffect NE020
Throughput 6.8 GB/s 3.2 GB/s 1.1 GB/s
Latency 0.7us 1.2us 7.22us
Message Rate 137 Million msg/sec 30 Million msg/sec 1.1 Million msg/sec

Source: Mellanox Technologies testing; Ohio State University; Intel websites