Unified Fabric Manager (UFM®) Software for Data Center Management


Scale-Out Fabric Management Software

Mellanox’s Unified Fabric Manager (UFM®) is a powerful platform for managing scale-out Ethernet and InfiniBand computing environments. UFM enables data center operators to efficiently provision, monitor and operate the modern data center fabric. UFM boosts application performance and ensures that the fabric is up and running at all times.

UFM uses an innovative application-centric approach to bridge the gap between servers, applications and fabric elements. UFM's revolutionary fabric model allows users to manage fabrics as a set of business related entities such as time critical applications or services. UFM’s management infrastructure enables fabric monitoring and performance optimization on the application-logical level rather than just at the individual port or device level.

Advantages of the UFM approach include:

  • Improved visibility into fabric performance and potential bottlenecks
  • Improved performance due to application-centric optimizations
  • Quicker troubleshooting time due to advanced event management
  • Efficient management of dynamic and multi-tenant environments
  • Higher utilization of fabric resources

Granular Network Visibility Enabling Total Control

UFM includes an advanced granular monitoring engine that provides real-time access to fabric data. The software also provides a unique congestion tracking feature that quickly identifies traffic bottlenecks and congestion events spreading over the fabric. This feature enables more accurate problem identification and quicker resolution.

UFM is aware of virtual servers and treats them similar to physical servers. The fabric policy engine enables connectivity and fabric policy to virtual servers as well. Upon VM migration, UFM keeps the connectivity and policy intact – providing a seamless migration environment for the application.

For HPC deployments UFM optimizes routing algorithms by taking into consideration the fabric topology and active applications and their characteristics. In addition, UFM enables segmentation of the fabric into isolated partitions, increasing traffic security and predictable application performance.

Robust, Production-Ready Solution

Fabric-wide maintenance tasks are performed from a central location and improve operational efficiency and control, and group operations are enabled via a single mouse click.

Failovers are handled seamlessly and are transparent to both the user and the applications running on the fabric. This significantly lowers downtime and makes UFM along with Mellanox’s products the ultimate management tool for the most demanding data center environments.

The SDN Approach

The UFM-SDN Appliance form factor delivers these capabilities as out-the-box functionality, reducing the hassle involved with server manage¬ment, software installation, and operating system dependability.

  • UFM's intelligent end-to-end fabric policy engine correlates application defined needs to the underlying physical infrastructure and enables programmable configuration of routing policy, connectivity, and QoS across the fabric.
  • UFM uses Mellanox advanced silicon capabilities to effectively control "managed" as well as "externally managed" devices in a central, programmable manner.
  • UFM's monitoring engine enables correlation of the monitored data and fabric events to the logical layer, providing the end-user valuable businessoriented information about the fabric in an easy to consume way.

UFM’s SDN Model advantages:

  • Detaching of the fabric logic from the local device logic - enabling high flexibility in device deployment
  • Quick policy changes and quick remediation
  • Easy integration in cloud and dynamic environments which require service oriented logic
  • High level of SLA tracking and alerting


  • Eliminates fabric congestion and hot spots
  • Simplifies the management of large or complex environments
  • Automates service provisioning on the fabric layer
  • Seamlessly manages workload migration scenarios
  • Tunes your fabric interconnect for highest performance
  • Provides preventive maintenance and “soft degradation” alerts
  • Quickly troubleshoots any connectivity problem
  • Integrates and streamlines fabric information into your IT systems