Mellanox ScalableUPC


The Mellanox ScalableUPC programming library contains a modified Berkeley UPC GasNET conduit to add Mellanox Messaging and Collective Accelerations to the Berkeley UPC parallel programming language.

The library works with the OpenFabrics RDMA for Linux stack (OFED), and also has the ability to utilize Mellanox Messaging libraries (MXM) as well as Mellanox Fabric Collective Accelerations (FCA), providing an unprecedented level of scalability for UPC programs running over InfiniBand.

  • Provides a programming library for shared memory communication model extending use of InfiniBand to Berkeley UPC applications
  • Seamless integration with MPI libraries and job schedulers allowing for Hybrid programming model
  • Maximum collective scalability through integration with Mellanox Fabric Collective Accelerator (FCA)
  • High message rate performance with integration and Mellanox Messaging Accelerator (MXM)