Mellanox Virtual Modular Switch™


Scalable Solution for Data Center 40GbE Aggregation Switch System
The Mellanox Virtual Modular Switch™ solution (VMS), comprised of Mellanox 10, 40, and 56GbE fixed switches, provides an ideal, optimized approach for a fixed switches aggregation.

The VMS scales up to 28.8 Tb/s of non-blocking bandwidth and up to 720 Nodes of 40GbE and operates at ultra-low latencies and energy efficiency.

The VMS saves both CAPEX and OPEX. It is easy to deploy, manage and maintain and provides a resilient solution with fast recovery from hardware failures.

When compared to competing offerings, VMS excels with higher flexibility, better scalability, and energy efficiency, while future-proofing the investment and reducing expenses, making it the perfect solution for your network.

VMS installation is fully automated by the VMS Wizard, an automation software that generates connectivity plan from simple user input. After installation, it configures the fabric switches through Puppet™ manifests or CLI commands, and performs physical, layer 2 and layer 3 connectivity validations.

The VMS Wizard integrates an enhanced Puppet agent , which implements new configuration types, such as OSPF and layer 3 interfaces for scalable fabrics.

  • Large building blocks lead to faster ROI and improved overall network performance
  • Zero down-time
  • Superior, predictable application performance
  • Low cost, pay-as-you-grow solution. No extra equipment needs at the time of installation
  • Energy efficiency under 6.5 Watts per port operation
  • Ease-of-use managed by standard management tools and utilities with no proprietary technologies
  • High Scalability
    - Scales up to 720 40GbE nodes
  • High Availability
    - Resilient to hardware failures
    - Maintains over 90% of bandwidth
  • Standard solution
    - Management by standard protocols and software tools
  • Low Latency
    - Under 2 microseconds maximal east-west latency for all traffic profiles and packet sizes
  • Low Power Solution
    - Typical power consumption under 6.5 Watts per 40GbE port
  • Low cost