TX6280 - RDMA Long-Haul Solutions for the Metro


The MetroX TX6280 series extends Mellanox InfiniBand solutions from a single-location data center network to distances of up to 80km to campus and metro applications.

Mellanox MetroX enables connecting between data centers deployed across multiple geographically distributed sites, extending InfiniBand RDMA and Ethernet RoCE beyond local data centers and storage clusters.

Mellanox's MetroX is the perfect cost-effective, low power, easily managed and scalable solution to enable today's data centers and storage to run up to 80km over local and distributed fabrics, managed as a single unified network infrastructure.

  • Extends InfiniBand networks up to a 80km radius over dark fiber
  • Low cost, low power, long-haul solution over an InfiniBand and Ethernet fabric
  • Simple management
  • RDMA execution over a distant site
  • 1 Long haul (40Gb/s) port in a 2U system
  • Up to 40Gb/s long-haul aggregate data
  • 1 Downlink (56Gb/s) VPI ports
  • Compliant with IBTA 1.2.1 and 1.3
  • Supports full C-Band Tunable DWDM Line sides (SFP+)
  • Optional integrated EDFAs
  • Redundant power supplies and fan drawers