ConnectX® EN 10 and 40 Gigabit Linux Driver


Mellanox offers a robust and full set of protocol software and driver for Linux with the ConnectX®-2 / ConnectX®-3 / ConnectX®-3 Pro EN NICs with Ethernet. Designed to provide a high performance support for Enhanced Ethernet with fabric consolidation over TCP/IP based LAN applications. The driver and software in conjunction with the Industry's leading ConnectX family of cards achieve full line rate, full duplex of up to 56Gbps performance per port.

  • High performance single/Dual port support with full line rate, full duplex 10Gbps, 40Gbps and 56Gbps per port
  • Support RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) for Best Throughput, Latency and CPU offload
  • Support of full hardware offload of FC exchanges improves bandwidth and IO transactions in a FC Fabric
  • High scale SR-IOV with 126 Virtual Functions (VFs)
  • Support VXLAN HW offload (ConnectX-3 Pro)
  • Provides future proofing the storage, network, and cluster needs with Converged Enhanced Ethernet support on a single wire
  • Supports TCP/IP stateless offload, and Hardware Checksum Offload for Tx and Rx packets
  • Provides Net device statistics per port with both ports in active mode
  • Supports extensive VLAN support with VLAN Tx/Rx acceleration (HW VLAN stripping/insertion), HW VLAN filtering and HW multicast filtering
  • Supports adaptive Interrupt moderation on the receive path patterned according to either latency-bound traffic or bandwidth bound traffic.
  • Default NAPI support is enabled per-core to run in interrupt mode
  • Performance optimization support with "ethtool" command; Allows tuning of various NIC driver options
  • Supports server and IO consolidation with high-performance, low CPU utilization
  • Use fewer high-performance systems in a rack based system, reducing cabling, low power consumption
  • Supports all major Linux Distributions