BridgeX VPI - 10/20/40Gb/s InfiniBand to 10 GbE and 2/4/8Gb/s FC Gateway


BridgeX is the first VPI (Virtual Protocol Interconnect) gateway allowing the OEMs to design I/O consolidation solutions using InfiniBand or Ethernet as the convergence fabric of choice. A unified server I/O, where multiple traffic types can run over a single physical connection can help cut I/O cost and power significantly while reducing total cost of ownership through reduced number of ports to manage, reduced cabling complexity and simpler fabric management. At the same time, connectivity to IP/Ethernet based LAN and NAS infrastructures, and Fibre Channel based SAN infrastructures must remain seamless. The Mellanox BridgeX™ silicon enables the delivery of utility computing by consolidating server I/O using InfiniBand and exposing 10 GbE interfaces for connectivity to LAN/NAS infrastructures, and Fibre Channel interfaces for connectivity to SAN infrastructures.

  • Delivers I/O consolidation on high-performance 40G InfiniBand or on 10GbE
  • Single chip solution for I/O consolidation
  • Low power, low cost and high performance
  • Virtualized 10GbE and 8G FC ports
  • Two InfiniBand 10/20/40Gb/s or Six 10GbE uplink ports
  • Six 10GbE downlink ports, or eight 2/4/8Gb/s FC downlink ports, or three 10GbE and four FC downlink ports
  • 1024 virtual NICs per Ethernet port
  • 1024 virtual HBAs per FC port
  • Total of 8K MAC, VLAN addresses
  • Total of 8K WWN addresses
  • Interoperable with InfiniBand, Ethernet and Fibre Channel Switches
  • PCIe Base 2.0 compliant, 1.1 compatible
  • 31 x 31 HFCBGA
  • RoHS5 compliant