BridgeX BX5020 Delivering Unified I/O


The BX5020 is a high density, low latency gateway allowing data centers to deploy I/O consolidation solutions using InfiniBand as the convergence fabric of choice. Networks have increased in size and managing a growing multi-fabric infrastructure has become a daunting task. Enterprise data centers currently use three different networks: Storage Area Networks using Fibre Channel transport for storage access, Local Area Networks are using Ethernet transport for standard network access and System Area Networks using InfiniBand transport for inter-process communication and high-performance clustering. With the introduction of the BX5020 virtualization systems, enterprises can get rid of this complexity while improving performance, enable flexibility and save energy and cooling costs.

BX5020 when combined with Mellanox ConnectX family of host adapters enables data centers to operate in high-performance 40Gb/s network speed on the hosts and connects lower speed Gigabit and 10GbE LAN networks. Server applications that rely on Ethernet transport run unmodified using Ethernet over InfiniBand (EoIB) protocol encapsulation. Existing LAN infrastructure and management practices can be preserved easing deployment and providing significant return on investment. Mellanox ConnectX family adapters are required in order to run EoIB protocol.

  • I/O consolidation on 40Gb/s InfiniBand
  • Reduces cabling, power and cooling costs
  • Preserves investments in LAN infrastructure and management practices
  • Presents virtualized Ethernet host ports
  • QoS provides granular bandwidth allocation
  • Simplified local or remote management


  • Uplink: Up to 4 ports of up to 40Gb/s InfiniBand
  • Downlink: Up 12 ports of 1/10GbE
  • 1K vNICs per Ethernet port
  • Up to 8K VLAN addresses
  • Up to 16000 MAC addresses
  • Dual power supplies for redundancy
  • High availability and fail-over mode
  • Inbuilt CPU for easy configuration and management
  • Integrated gateway management

  • QSFP connectors for QDR (40Gb/s) InfiniBand
  • SFP+ connectors for 1/10GbE
  • Optical modules for Ethernet and FC
  • Supports Twinax cables for 10GbE