BridgeX FCoE Software Development Kit


With 10 Gigabit Ethernet becoming the network of choice in the Data Center, the need for a low cost convergence solution using lossless Ethernet fabric is becoming imperative. Mellanox BridgeX™ FCoE Software Development Kit (SDK) based on the BridgeX gateway silicon allows switch OEMs to bring to market a cost effective convergence solution that allow LAN, SAN and IPC traffic to co-exist on the same network. The SDK allows all Ethernet switch vendors with Data Center Bridging (DCB) compliance to enable FCoE gateway functionality on existing Ethernet software stacks with features for fabric discovery and login, Fibre Channel Initialization protocol support (FIP) with scalability, port speed auto negotiation on Ethernet and Fibre Channel ports, traffic differentiation, I/O Virtualization, multiple group association between internal and external ports with QoS enforcement and a Board Support package (BSP) for device initialization.

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  • PCIe cable for connection to external CPU EVB
  • PPC460/Linux BSP files
  • BridgeX Manager (BXM) Source code – under separate license
  • BridgeX Programmer’s Reference Manual
  • BXM API Document
  • BridgeX Evaluation Board (EVB) Specifications
  • Discovery, login with creation, addition and deletion of multiple vHBAs for a single FCoE CNA
  • FCoE encapsulation and de-encapsulation in either direction in the fabric
  • Instantiation of multiple gateway groups
  • Traffic differentiation with Quality of Service (QoS) based on application bandwidth and latency
  • Chip status information pertaining to each port (internal and external)
  • Ethernet (Internal) port counters, statistics and status with global pause and perpriority pause control
  • Fibre Channel port (vHBA or external) statistics, link speed auto-negotiation and attributes
  • N_Port Virtualization support on Gateway FC Ports
  • -PCIe (x4) link to connect to an external CPU Topology
  • -Maintenance with various timers for synchronization (Keep Alive)
  • Provides a low cost Ethernet convergence solution for 10 GbE switch vendors
  • Supports Virtualized I/O with NPV (FC Ports)
  • Capable of supporting Fibre Channel Forwarding (FCF) in conjunction with an FCoE aware Ethernet switch for a complete FCoE switch solution
  • Data Center Bridging (DCB) and FCoE T-11 standards compliant
  • Portable SDK with ANSI “C” standard API library
  • Ports to CPU and Operating system of choice
  • Board Support Package (BSP) with Device initialization, bring-up and shutdown