Theater Presentations

We will be hosting presentations every half hour from leading server and storage OEMs, ISVs, end-users and academia, who will provide insight to the benefits and performance improvements when using low-latency FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand I/O technology.

We will have give-a-ways at every presentation and a lucky attendee will go home with a new Apple iPad3 mini at the end of each day!

7PM - 9PM
10AM - 6PM
10AM - 6PM
10AM - 3PM
10:15 Mellanox Mellanox Mellanox
10:45 Mellanox Interconnect EMC EchoStreams
11:15 Cray Dell OSU
11:45 Panasas SDSC Universitat Politècnica de València
12:15 Xyratex Mellanox Ethernet Alliance
1:15 NCAR Mellanox NASA
1:45 Mellanox OSU Mellanox
2:15 HPC Advisory Council Mellanox
Mellanox MetroX
2:45 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Violin Memory Mellanox
3:15 DDN Mellanox
3:45 HP Nvidia
4:15 IBTA/OFA Mellanox Open-Ethernet
4:45 Mellanox Connect-IB NASA
5:15 SGI Fusion-io
5:45 Mellanox Mellanox
6:15 Mellanox
6:45 Mellanox
7:15 Mellanox
7:45 Mellanox
8:15 Mellanox
8:45 Mellanox