Application Benefits

For IT service providers, making a decision about the best way to build their private or public clouds is not an easy one. A critical element in any cloud solution stems from concerns over complexity, performance, and scalability.

Mellanox 40GbE and FDR 56Gb/s adapter, switch, cables and SW solutions, coupled with the top management tools available today have made significant progress in all three of these key areas. The alleviation of these concerns will ease adoption, all while providing a more efficient cloud infrastructure and higher return on investment.

CloudX Provides:

  • Off-the-shelf components of servers, storage, interconnect and software
  • OpenCloud architecture: based on open platform and ability to choose open source (OpenStack) or commercial software
  • Highest speed interconnect of 40/56Gb/s for fastest data transfer: InfiniBand and Ethernet
  • Solid State Drives (SSD) for fastest storage
  • User friendly access and management
  • The ability to install any software on an efficient cloud hardware platform